‘Batman vs Superman’: Zack Snyder clarifies the film’s most controversial scene



“ Batman vs Superman ” received a lot of criticism after the heroic rivalry ended when the Batman found out that Clark’s mother was called Martha.

However, the scene was a pleasant surprise for some fans, since Bruce’s mother was also named Martha, bonding them together.

During a live on Instagram, director Zack Snyder spoke to some fans and explained why he decided to create this twist that changes the rest of the film.

“I wanted to clarify that Batman had lost his humanity and became a torturer, a criminal… At the same time, he faces the humanity of Superman at all times. When he finds out that the alien has a mother and her name is Martha, he sees Clark as a human for the first time. Saving Martha, Batman sees the opportunity to recover his own lost humanity. That’s the whole idea, because he thinks, “We both have mothers, and they both have the same name… Martha”. Even though Superman is from another planet, his connection to humanity is as natural as anyone else’s.

Additionally, Snyder also explained that Batman imagines he would save his own mother, which turns the act into a poetic moment amid the rivalry between the two.

Previously, the filmmaker explained to Screen Rant why Superman looked like a dark, stern figure during the movie:

“Right from the start of the movie we see Superman from Bruce Wayne’s point of view, I wanted to show how Batman reacts to this almighty and unapproachable. The Superman we see is dark because that’s how he is seen by Batman. He is considered a dangerous, cruel and relaxed alien who does not care about the life of planet Earth.

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Thinking about it this way, it makes perfect sense that Superman was portrayed as a threat and not a symbol of justice and freedom.

So, do you think the answer was satisfactory?

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