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Bathroom Decor 101: A Bath Mat You Probably Never Heard Of



Today we’re going to talk about some of the staples of any bathroom that are often overlooked – bath mats. Not that they’re not in our bathrooms, it’s just that we don’t really pay that much attention to them. They’re not towels or toothbrushes. We don’t feel we use them every day. They’re more like a part of a floor. Why would we even discuss them? They’re all the same, right? Wrong. Bath mats actually come in quite a few different variations, each of them with its own unique – not to mention surprising – properties. Here’s one.

No more drying

Ever heard about an instant dry bath mat? It probably sounds intriguing, if not a little far-fetched. So how is it possible? Does a mat that requires no drying actually exist? Yes, it does. It is made of a very special sustainable material, called diatomite or diatomaceous earth, which is incredibly absorbent and also has anti-bacterial properties. That’s why for a very long time it was used (in fact, still is) as a natural pesticide. In recent years, some companies came up with an idea to design a bathroom product that would make our lives easier. The final result is astonishing. A bath mat that dries up all on its own in merely 60 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it?

Bacteria killer

We’ve already mentioned that diatomite, thanks to its anti-bacterial qualities, has a wide range of applications. It’s extremely effective against bugs both outside and at home and, more importantly – completely safe for humans, pets and other animals. How is that relevant in a bathroom? Well, considering the fact that normal bath mats are almost always moist and bacteria, unfortunately, love feet – it’s a deadly combo. It’s not difficult to turn a bath mat into a favourite bacteria holiday resort. With diatomite – that same issue literally disappears as it effectively kills all the germs that might want to set up camp in the mat.


Diatomite bath mats are a great, sustainable choice. You don’t have to worry about germs and bacteria, you don’t really have to wash it too often, so you’re helping the planet by saving water.

One more thing we haven’t mentioned yet – the design. It can really complement and tie up any bathroom, doesn’t matter which direction you decided to go in. With a durable product like this, you simply can’t go wrong. Throw in some organic cotton towels in the mix and you get a fully sustainable bathroom.

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