Bat girl | How the HBO Max movie can help expand the Batman universe to the screen



Upcoming production could bring new views on the bat family of Bat girl.

Traditionally, DC Comics has always made its editorial decisions on the basis of three very important and very valuable characters. The so-called trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for a time over the past century has been at the forefront of society in whatever adaptations of their stories have occurred.

While currently this trinity, from a financial standpoint, is formed by Superman, Batman and Harlequina (now DC’s most profitable and commercial female character), in terms of cultural significance, the original formation of the trio remains. Now, among the three, Batman emerges without a doubt as the most suitable property of the company for the most diverse reasons which in turn interact with the period in which each adaptation was made.

For example, his famous take on the series starring Adam West in the ’60s was closely tied to the situation that Bat Man comics and the industry in general had to comply with Comic Code Authority regulations in order to deliver. increasingly light stories. . In turn, the show was such a cultural success that the animated version of Batman released a few years later on the Super Friends show showed a clear connection to the show’s absurd style.

Famous animated version of Batman from the 70s.

However, even with so many productions made on the Protector of Gotham City, it’s interesting that his microcosm (integrated by characters who interact more closely with him) has never had the same variety or care as the productions. of Batman often receive.

For example, in the early 2000s, the old channel The WB (now the CW) ventured into the comic book world by producing Birds of Prey, adapting the adventures of the Birds of Prey group formed by Huntress, Oracle and Black Canary. What would now be an interesting adaptation against the backdrop of comic book fever, in 2002 was such a profound failure that it kept the women’s team out of the spotlight for a long time – until 2020 with Birds of Prey: Harlequina and her fabulous emancipation.

2002’s “Birds of Prey” was a failure in every way.

More recently, there have been attempts to expand with the Gotham and Batwoman series but never gain critical and public acclaim. While the Jim Gordon series featured a very interesting production design from start to finish, it always skated on how it adapted Bat Man villains and young Bruce Wayne himself. With Batwoman, however, audiences were never offered uninteresting visuals like Gotham and, to top it off, there were still plots and characters made in the molds of the CW’s so-called Arrowverse, making it so this produces a niche from the start.

The confirmation that streaming service HBO Max has plans to release an adaptation of Bat girl comes at the right time, with the massive migration of comic book productions to streaming services faster than before due to theater outages in the background. of the pandemic.

A Batgirl movie, well done, can expand Batman mythology.

However, the history of productions linked to the Batman universe lends a load of pessimism to the project. In addition, it has been confirmed that the directors responsible for Bad Boys Forever, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, will commission the production accompanied by the producer of the recent Cruella; Kristin Burr. While no other details such as plot or cast have been revealed, it is possible that the film is based on Bat girl of Burnside.

This character’s solo arc has gained much fame since her release for being a very personal approach to her and in a younger-than-usual context for the vigilante, as she’s usually always with a member of the batfamily or the wicked Gotham. . This is an opportunity to follow closely and which is part of the project to extend the DC universe proposed by HBO Max.

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