Barbara Palombelli, heart broken in two: the drama of the adopted son



Barbara Palombelli is an established journalist and presenter. In this period, the journalist is worried about her adopted son Francesco. And the reasons are understandable… But what happened?

Barbara Palombelli, born in Rome on October 19, 1953, is an Italian journalist, television and radio host. She entered the hearts of Italians for her success with the program Forum, broadcast for years on the Canale 5 channel. But let’s quickly come back to her journey. Barbara, after graduating in Modern Literature in 1977, began her career at Rai Radio 2, as an editor. Subsequently, he became a parliamentary journalist. He has worked for numerous weeklies such as Panorama, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica.

Barbara Palombelli – Solocine.it

Many TV programs where we have seen Barbara. In 2003 Barbara worked on Otto e Mezzo with Giuliano Ferrara on La7. And then it’s the turn of Domenica In, in which Barbara plays the role of commentator in the season led by Mara Venier and Massimo Giletti. From 2010 to 2015, he was one of the faces of the talk show Quarto Grado broadcast on Rete 4, hosted by Salvo Sottile. From there, the turning point in which Barbara will take care of the news. Since 2013 she landed as host of Forum, taking over from Rita Dalla Chiesa, as well as Lo Sportello di Forum and other specials.

The famous controversy linked to femicide

In the last period, Barbara has been the epicenter of many controversies linked to sentences pronounced during “Lo Sportello di Forum” on cases of femicide. Referring to some women killed by their men, Barbara said: “A question we have to ask ourselves. Were these men completely insane, obfuscated or was there aggressive and infuriating behavior on the other side as well? The storm immediately erupted on social media. After the controversy generated by these sentences, Barbara Palombelli returns to social networks and writes that: “Family violence, the growing aggressiveness that takes the place of love, the misunderstanding that blinds and makes murderers require meticulous investigations and confront us with many questions. . When a man or a woman cannot control their anger, we have to question ourselves. Setting lists and handing down sentences without knowing the facts can be done at rallies or on social media pages, not in court. And even in a television room there is a duty to look at reality from all angles”.

Barbara, a worried mother

Barbara has been happily married since 1982 to the former mayor of Rome Francesco Rutelli. A mother of 4, Palombelli is worried about one of her children, Francisco, an adopted son from Ecuador. In an episode of Stasera Italia, Barbara Palombelli said that Francisco had been the victim of racism.

Barbara and her adopted son Francisco – Solocine.it

Indeed, following the security decree of this period, the young man warned that in the metro he was looked at differently. “It breaks my heart as a mom,” Palombelli said.

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