Barbara D’Urso Takes a Very Hard Hit: It Wasn’t Necessary



Barbara D’Urso takes a very hard blow: it was not necessary. The Mediaset host had to swallow a bitter bite

Yesterday’s TV audiences did not smile on the godmother of the Canale Cinque show. The Vita in Diretta stands out in the Auditel data for the afternoon of Wednesday, November 2.

Barbara D’Urso (Facebook)

Barbara D’Urso’s career suffered a small setback in the post-Covid period. The Mediaset host lost the queen’s scepter on the first Sunday evening and only had to settle for the afternoon slot. In addition, for her, after La Pupa and the Nerdy Show, new high-level proposals are slow to arrive. The Neapolitan presenter is clinging more and more to Afternoon 5, at least from a professional point of view. Now in December, among other things, it will observe the usual Christmas holidays, with the rotations of the grid of private televisions. In addition to its program, the daily group of Amici di Maria De Filippi and Men and Women will also go into hibernation. To fill the day, there will be episodes of the soap opera Terra Amara.

The Turkish series, after being suspended in mid-September, will resume from Monday, November 14, 2022, from 2:10 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

As mentioned, however, Barbara D’Urso no longer gets those fantastic ratings she often garnered in the past. Even the data published by Autidel today testifies to another defeat for Afternoon 5 this Wednesday, November 2.

Barbara D’Urso takes a very hard blow: a heavy defeat on the TV audience front

Live the Life (Facebook)

Indeed, La Vita in Diretta, directed by Alberto Matano, stands out at the top of the audience. The heir to Lamberto Sposini and Michele Cucuzza makes the consensus on a large scale, giving Rai 1 the palm of the leader even in the afternoon.

Yesterday’s audience boom shows an exciting figure of 20% market share with over 2.4 million viewers.

Let’s see together the direct comparison between Rai 1 and Canale 5 in this time slot:

Rai Uno: I Prefer Heaven, 1,448,000 viewers (14.40%);
Rai Uno: The Ladies’ Paradise, 1,727,000 spectators (20.82%);
Rai Uno: Live Life, 2,444,000 viewers (22.13%);
Channel 5: Beautiful was seen by 2,517,000 viewers (20.07%);
Canal 5: Una Vita, 2,241,000 viewers (19.49%);
Channel 5: Men and Women, 2,517,000 viewers and 26.09%;
Channel 5: The daily band of Amici, 1,747,000 spectators (21.16%) and the day of Grande Fratello Vip 7, 1,543,000 spectators (18.40%);
Channel 5: Another tomorrow, 1,272,000 people (14.92%);
Canal 5: Afternoon 5, 1,829,000 spectators (16.08%) in the first part while in the second 1,970,000 (15.30%).

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