Barbara D’Urso, for the pain that she changed careers: we only found out now



The pain led a very young Barbara D’Urso to decide to change careers. Here’s what a friend of the presenter revealed.

Since the beginning of November, Barbara D’Urso has been active on social networks to promote her new professional adventure. He will produce a series of podcasts for Spotify called Amiche Mie, the first two episodes of which have already been released. The host of Mediaset explained that this work will be a true tribute to female friendships.

Host Barbara D’Urso in a moment of relaxation: A friend of hers revealed that for the pain, many years ago she decided to change careers (Instagram photo).

D’Urso told the weekly Chi: “Husbands and boyfriends leave as much time as they find. They come and go, but best friends stay.” In the Amiche Mie podcasts, you’ll be able to hear the voices of Angelica, Gabriella, Loredana, Serena and Patrizia, who are longtime friends of the presenter and know each other from a very special way.

The friendship born from the discovery of a betrayal: the backstory

Barbara D’Urso revealed that she met them during a casting call to become models. He noticed that he had the same ring as one of them, whose name he didn’t want to reveal. Starting to chat, she incredibly discovered that she not only had the same ring, but also the same boyfriend. Also for this reason, according to the presenter, friendship manages to bring out the best even in the most difficult moments that one goes through in life.

At the end of the 1960s, Barbara D’Urso’s mother died: the host was only 11 years old (Instagram photo).

Barbara D’Urso also amusingly added that, years later, the triangle unexpectedly came together. She and the other aspiring model met the “shared boyfriend” at the presentation of his latest book. One of the presenter’s friends, Serena, told another story about the presenter’s life that no one knew about.

Barbara D’Urso and interrupted dancing career: the sad reason

Serena, who is also the sister of another dear friend of Barbara D’Urso, Patrizia, revealed that the presenter has pain that has never really healed. When the presenter was 11 years old, her mother died at the age of forty. There were many changes in her life and so D’Urso decided to give up dancing. The photo from several years ago which testifies to the long friendship between Barbara D’Urso and Angelica (source: Instagram).

Barbara D’Urso herself decided to remember her mother on Instagram in 2019, on the fifty-first anniversary of her passing. The caption is as short as it is painful, and specifies how these moments have remained engraved in the memory: “‘Mamma left us Titti’… And a knife pierces my soul… August 23, 1968”.

Below is Episode 1 of Amiche Mie, part of the podcast series Barbara D’Urso is creating for Spotify. In this appointment and in the second appointment, it will be possible to listen to the presenter with one of her old acquaintances that her fans often see on social networks, Angelica:

Below Barbara D’Urso with Angelica, Gabriella, Loredana, Serena and Patrizia to present the Amiche Mie podcast series, available on Spotify:

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