BancoPosta, watch out for this SMS: your accounts are in danger



The Poste Italiane bank account is once again in the crosshairs of Bancoposta hackers: beware of this message circulating.

There is no peace for Poste Italiane users. In fact, during these hours, hackers targeted millions of customers in possession of Bancoposta. The last fictitious message jeopardizes the current accounts of Italians: all the details.

All the details about the new scam for millions of users (Via WebSource)

Everyone now knows that the most famous and well-known national body on our peninsula is undoubtedly Poste Italiane, a famous agency that stands out for its yellow color. Indeed, it has a simply crazy clientele, thanks also to its services that are always in step with the times and with really competitive management costs. One of the examples for everyone to see is Postepay, the prepaid card that meets the needs of millions of customers every day.

Thus, over the years, the name of Poste Italiane has become more and more authoritative and resounding within our country. To all this, however, there is also a dark side which, however, is not due to the responsibility of the Italian company. In fact, hackers often leverage the Italian body’s name to conduct fraudulent campaigns against the company’s customers that result in phishing communications designed to trick the victim into inadvertently disclosing their sensitive data. So let’s find out about the latest fake communication running on Italians’ smartphones.

Bancoposta, new phishing scam: pay attention to this message

The latest scam against Bancoposta customers (via Ansa Foto)

Communications from hackers to the detriment of Poste Italiane customers often take the form of fake emails or text messages written specifically to trick the reader into taking action such as accessing external links or downloading malicious attachments . In fact, the latest phishing letter circulating in Italy reiterates all these concepts to the letter.

The hacker then warns the victim of an anomaly found in the BancoPosta account to be solved by connecting to a special link mentioned below which, however, connects to a fake customer area of ​​the Italian Post Office which faithfully reproduces the design of the ‘original.

The only difference is that as soon as you enter your credentials with BancoPosta account codes, they are immediately copied and sent to the scammer. By doing so, the evil spirit behind this scam could easily empty the account.

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