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Bad news for video players: the Play Station is driving up the electricity bill



How much energy does the Play Station consume? Not a little, according to the estimates of the experts who give these tips for saving

In this very complicated period for Italian families, everyone is advised to pay attention to electricity consumption. We need to act more cautiously in recent months to avoid light bills at historic highs.

play stationThe Play Station 5 (web source)

The advice of the experts is clear: in your homes, all electronic devices should be kept disconnected from the current as much as possible, which can consume a certain amount of exaggerated kilowatts, which are then really responsible for the increase in the cost of light. .

Today we clarify the consumption of a tool much loved by young people, a hobby that for some time has also become a method of work. It is the Play Station, the well-known console produced by Sony that represents total passion for video players all over the world.

How much does a Play Station consume? Differences between the Model 4 and the All-New 5

Many users around the world enjoy playing Play Station daily, considering the huge offer of the electronic device. Video games of war, strategy, sports and much more, accessible to everyone.

But how much does a Play Station consume in terms of energy? In the meantime, there is a slight difference between the old edition, number 4, and the brand new fifth generation of the Sony console. playstation nowPlayStation, the logo (Getty Images)

The first, therefore the Play Station 4, is one of the oldest consoles from the point of view of power consumption. For example, the PS4 Slim consumes significantly less than the Pro version, 70-80 Watts against 140-150 Watts.

Even in the rest version, the Play Station consumes, but with lower figures. In this case, the settings we have selected will also affect consumption, such as charging controllers, connecting to the Internet, downloading updates, etc.

Consumption is exploding for version 5 of the Play Station, on the market from 2020. New technologies, innovative modes and accelerated services obviously also affect the energy issue: according to what is written in the official technical sheet of the PlayStation 5, Sony declares a consumption of up to 350 W for the basic model and up to 340 W for the digital edition.

To limit all these consumptions, some precautions are recommended for video players. Turn off the PS completely after you stop using it and want to unplug it directly from the power supply. In addition, the automatic shutdown must be set after tot. hours of use, to prevent the device from going to sleep.

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