Bad news for Caterina Balivo, nightmarish departure: it happened in these hours



Just a few hours ago the news arrived that Caterina Balivo is not particularly smiling: what will be the scenario now?

The Neapolitan presenter has found a state of form from a work point of view by settling at TV8. The network has decided to relaunch itself and for this it has chosen personalities with great experience.


Caterina Balivo’s great experience does not seem to be enough for TV8. Yesterday evening, in fact, the first episode of the new season was broadcast Who wants to marry my mom or my dad? which did not convince as much as the expectations. The show – which is hugely popular on social media – garnered 268,000 viewers with a 1.5% share. One of the lowest numbers, unfortunately, in terms of last night’s viewership.

Suffice it to say that, on Nove, for example, Only Fun – Comico Show gathered 459,000 viewers with a share of 2.5%, while on Real Time, Primo Apuntamento obtained 297,000 viewers with a share of 1.5%. This is not exactly the start that we expected from the Neapolitan presenter on whom TV8 focused so much after her exclusion from Rai for having hosted a program.

All the TV audiences for the evening of Tuesday, November 15


As for the victory in the audience contest for the evening of Tuesday November 15, it must be attributed entirely to Rai, who on Rai Uno was targeting the second episode of the first season of the drama Exterior Night which captivated 2,776,000 spectators, i.e. 15 .7% of shares. On Rai Due, however, Il Collegio 7 engaged 914,000 viewers, a 5.6% share, recording much more heartwarming data than last week. Finally, on Rai Tre, the CartaBianca talk show attracted 1,044,000 viewers watching the video, representing a share of 6.3%.

The Mediaset channels did not come away much from Rai’s best audiences, totaling 2,187,000 viewers or a 13.1% share with the film In your eyes on Canale 5. On Rete 4, Fuori dal Coro totaled 955,000 viewers with 6.7% share and finally with Italia 1, there were 1,291,000 spectators with a 9.8% share following the interesting performances of Le Iene led by Teo Mammucari and Belen Rodriguez.

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