Autumn at the bookstore with the romance of Felicia Kingsley



Felicia Kingsley inspires fall with her new romance novel. The writer arrives in the bookstore with a new love story: it is called I will wait in Central Park and travels through the magical and twisted world of publishing.

Autumn is also coming to bookstores and the credit goes to Felicia Kingsley. Novelist, she has a crackling new adventure in store for her loyal readers. The new novel to be released by Newton Compton Editori is titled I’ll Wait in Central Park and emanates autumn vibes from the choice of cover. Orange font, like the trench coat paired with the hat of a woman sipping coffee sitting at the bar. A fairly truthful image considering that the protagonist of this novel is a romance novel publisher.

Felicia Kingsley

Felicia Kingsley returns to the bookstore with a new love story, with no shortage of a few more sensual thrills, set in New York, the green-hearted city – that of Central Park – envied and known the world over. The story of Victoria Wender begins when she meets Knight Underwood, an editor who would have liked so much to work on the job that was offered to him instead, an outsider. Let’s find out more about the plot and the release date.

Felicia Kingsley Returns to the Bookstore with I’ll Be Waiting for You in Central Park

A date in Central Park is perhaps the dream of anyone living in New York (and anyone looking to make the city their home one day). But the one between Victoria and Knight has nothing romantic about it. This is a work commitment and should be completed as soon as possible.

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But how can you resist the charm of leaves that change color? Victoria does not know, just as it is not explained why she is so attracted to her rude colleague. She left Texas and agreed to become editorial director of Pageturner, a position to which Knight Underwood also aspired.

Felicia Kingsley: I’ll wait for you in Central Park

In fact, his irascible reaction is not surprising. Knight does not accept Victoria’s intrusion and does everything to complicate her life. Just as he is ready to do anything to get this place. A sudden secret surfaces unites the two warring publishers and, momentarily putting their swords aside, they wave the white flag knowing that this secret could ruin their careers. What’s more important then? Do you fight for pride or for a good cause? Felicia Kingsley returns to the bookstore with I’ll Be Waiting for You in Central Park on October 4, 2022.

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