Aurora Ramazzotti with a big belly caught with a drink in her hand: “But what are you drinking?”



Aurora Ramazzotti’s pregnancy is no longer a mystery, nor is she expecting a boy from her historical partner Goffredo Cerza. Recently – however – some fans have been alarmed that the youngster, in the middle of her first pregnancy, was “caught” with a glass in her hand… What was she drinking?

It seems that the beautiful Aury has no intention of giving up the pleasures of life, and not even the one that grows inside her, but beware, the daughter of Eros and Michelle is already proving to be a very responsible mother … She knows what he’s doing!

Aurora Ramazzotti pregnancy Solocine.it

Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant and couldn’t be happier than that. The daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker is expecting a boy with her partner Goffredo Cerza, as the two revealed a few weeks ago. The news of the pregnancy had been confirmed by the same young woman with a nice video posted on Social where she is quite active.

He is in seventh heaven

She initially wanted to hide the news from the media, but since revealing it, the mom-to-be has often shared her pregnancy thoughts online. And at this moment he shows the little belly which is beginning to form and which shelters his creature, radiant and smiling.

Gorgeous in a tight dress and a prominent belly

Wearing a long, tight-fitting black dress, Aurora Ramazzotti had her boyfriend and future father, Goffredo, photographed during a beautiful walk through the streets of Villa Borghese, in the capital. The garment highlighted the belly and the influencer couldn’t help but happily document this very special and exciting moment. As a caption, the daughter of Eros added a wide-eyed emoticon. After all, she’s still incredulous at her stomach, which is slowly beginning to take shape.

Aurora Ramazzotti Solocine.it

Among the various Stories posted on Instagram, Aurora Ramazzotti then answered a question posed by a user. The fan asked the mum-to-be what she used to order at the bar now that she’s pregnant, after he – apparently – “grabbed” her a drink in her hand. And Aurora quickly explained that she doesn’t like alcoholic drinks or even carbonated drinks, like – for example – Coca Cola. But he loves to eat and – of course – no desire to do so is forbidden! Here are his words on the subject: “Choose places where you give food for the aperitif. Those who bring two dried olives and a piece of celery are prohibited. You can’t drink but at least give us something to eat”.

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