Aurora Ramazzotti, how she dresses now that she’s pregnant: the post that triggered social networks



Aurora Ramazzotti, 26 on December 5, is living a magical and unique period: she is in the first months of a boy’s pregnancy, which will arrive between March and April next. Aurora engaged her followers, showing her some very busy and also very exciting weeks for her and her Goffredo. In short, everything is getting ready to be ready for the new life of a new parent.

Aurora Ramazzotti future mother – Solocine.it

The influencer and presenter, still active on all her social networks, showed her Instagram followers the big changes in her life: new house, adapted to accommodate the baby on the way, and pregnancy. Aurore in the Instagram stories, in recent days, has shown the details of the new house but above all her dressing room, revolutionized during the pregnancy period. The physique, as we know, on hold changes, but Aurora’s style does not change one iota: new wardrobe, same style. Aurora fans adored her latest fall-inspired look shown on her social profile in maternity clothes.

The fall maternity look

“It’s all maternity clothes, I don’t fit anything anymore,” Aurora said in a story, alluding to the change in the body during those early months of pregnancy. From versatile and comfortable maternity dresses to Aurora’s always impeccable looks program. The almost new mum seems fit and full of energy: she admitted to being active, keeping her movement active. Aurore, very attached in the past, is today much appreciated by her followers for the sparkling irony that sets her apart and for her sense of glamorous style. The influencer continues today to post her looks, even pregnant. The belly, which grows slowly, emerges in its elegant combinations. In an Instagram selfie, the influencer unveiled a perfect black’n’white outfit for fall: white shirt, black pants and long black dressing gown coat, with the belt tied at the waist. To complete the look, a pair of trendy chunky loafers and a pair of glasses hanging on a chain.

Fan reactions to her story

“It makes me laugh a lot that Via liked the look of the previous story so much. I wanted to inform myself that these are all premama dresses… because nothing fits me anymore,” Aurora said in a short video.

Aurora’s maternity look – Solocine.it

Who said you can’t be elegant, even with maternity dresses? Aurore had already admitted last month that the pants no longer fit her: the belly is growing and the wardrobe must adapt to the wonderful period.

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