‘Attack of the Cursed Worms 5: Blood Lines’ premieres on Netflix



The fifth film in the ‘Attack of the Cursed Worms’ series, titled ‘The Attack of the Cursed Worms 5: Blood Lines’ (Tremors 5: Bloodline), has just been released in the Netflix Brazil catalog.

“Attack of the Cursed Worms 5” serves as a mix of streak and reboot, as it won’t ignore previous events but intends to reboot the series, with an independent plot.

Michael Gross is reprising the role of monster hunter Burt Gummer, who starred in all features as well as the 2003 television series. The underground creature expert and his right-hand man Travis (Jamie Kennedy), a tech expert, make team up with a team as they prepare for a battle against the deadly creatures that ends up becoming much more than they expected.

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Starring Kevin Bacon in 1990, the original feature film accompanies the inhabitants of a small isolated town who come together to defend themselves from the attack of strange underground creatures, who begin to kill them, one by one. The actor has already expressed interest in taking part in the new footage – read more.

The fifth film in the horror series began filming in September, in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, under the direction of Don Michael Paul (“Panic on the Lake: The Final Chapter”).

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