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‘As Branquelas’: where are the actors going 16 years later



God bless the Wayan brothers. Many may not know it, but Keenen Ivory Wayans, the older brother and example of the whole clan, was largely responsible for including and portraying black actors in humor even in the 1990s, while creating, launching, writing, presenting and acting on the comic book program In Living Color – which ran for five seasons until 1994. Keenen began his career as a director with satire on the blaxploitation films Vou Te Pegar Otário (1988), and went on to direct brothers Damon, Shawn and Marlon in some films. Among the most famous of his repertoire are Everybody in Panic and his first sequence (2000 and 2001).

While many of its films divide critics and audiences themselves, its strong popular appeal is undeniable – something like our national comedies, which have easily accessible humor. So, his latest films however have a low mood, which is much appreciated by those who grew up watching them. And that’s where As Branquelas (2004) comes in, the penultimate film Keenen signed in directing and starring Marlon and Shawn – the last (so far) was The Little One (2006). The plot is well known, two disgraced FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon) are charged with a kidnapping involving two white and blonde heirs. Thus, they take the place of the girls, in a grotesque makeup, which does not care to subvert the “blackface”, and have become the “charm” of the production.

With reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, As Branquelas has a whopping 15% approval rating and has been called a “disorganized, ridiculous, obvious comedy.” Well, no one denies it. But that’s also not why it can’t be funny. Whether it be for guilty pleasure, the film has a score of 56 on IMDB among the general public. And with a budget of $ 37 million, it got a box office of $ 113 million worldwide. Until the trio hear fan calls and pull a sequel out of the hat, let’s find out where the film’s cast is.

Shawn Wayans (Kevin)

Shawn was in the Everybody in Panic franchise as a locked up gay Ray and laughed at the situation. However, after unfavorable reviews for The Little One (2006), Shawn, like Keenen, put the brakes on his career, working little in recent years, leaving the spotlight to the more famous brothers, Marlon and Damon. He participated in the parody Ela Dança com Meu Ganso (2009), making fun of dance films of the time. The film is more of a family production, with the script signed by Shawn himself and Keenen, Marlon and trio nephew Damien Dante Wayans – making his directorial debut with the film. Sadly, She Dances with My Goose is considered one of the worst movies of all time, by mainstream audiences on IMDB.

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Marlon Wayans (Marcus)

Did you know that Marlon Wayans was almost the first Robin in the movies? And that was still in the days of Tim Burton’s Batman movies. Scheduled to make his debut in the original film, the character was carried over to second and then third, until Burton stepped down and Marlon was replaced by Chris O’Donnell. But the actor would come to play a superhero in GI Joe – The Origin of Cobra (2009), in which he brought Ripcord to life. Apart from that, he has followed his path in parodies without the brothers, signing the screenplay and starring in films such as Inactivity Paranormal (2013), its sequel (2014) and Fifty Shades of Black (2016); in addition to having won his own television show with the series Marlon (which lasted two seasons); and have teamed up with Netflix in films like Nu (2017) and Six Times Confusion (2019). Her next works are more serious films, like On The Rocks (2020), the new feature film by Sofia Coppola, and Respect (2021), biography of Aretha Franklin.

Terry Crews (Latrell)

Big guy Terry Crews has already been in three Mercenary films, alongside Stallone and the 1980s troglodytes, but he will be forever immortalized as “Chris’s father” in Everyone Hates Chris. Well, if you’ve got a role that rivals popularity, this is it. Like all “cartoons,” As Branquelas needed someone to fall in love with the pair of agents in female disguise, and that was up to the Latrell Muscle, who was still delivering the meme of his “fried” drug scene. . While the Fourth Mercenaries is not coming, Crews has appeared in Deadpool 2 (2018), action drama John Henry (2020), and is part of the fixed cast of the Law & Disorder series (Brooklyn Nine-Nine). . His next work is in the reboot of the cartoon The Animaniacs and in the animated blockbuster The League of Monsters.

Brittany Daniel (Megan)

Interestingly, Brittany Daniel has a twin sister in real life, also actress Cynthia Daniel, and with whom she starred in the series Sweet Valley High (1994-1998). She reprized her role in the cult comedy Joe Sujo (2001), in the sequel Joe Sujo 2 (2015). His latest work was on Netflix’s Black-ish (2019) and #BlackAF (2020) series.

Jennifer Carpenter (Lisa)

Within a year of appearing in comedy, Jennifer Carpenter would take off the title role in the horror film The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005). She will follow in the genre with Quarentena (2008), remake of the Spanish REC. After that, Debra Morgan lived off the success of the Dexter program (2006-2013). She most recently starred on the drama show Inimigo Interno (2019), gave voice to Sonya Blade in the Mortal Kombat Legends animation (2020), and will star alongside Amanda Seyfried, Britt Robertson, Paul Giamatti and Amy Irving. in the drama A Mouthful of Air (2021).

Busy Philipps (Karen)

The actress was known for such shows as Dawson’s Creek, Medical Service and The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Most recently, he was a permanent member of Cougar Town, a series starring Courteney Cox, and in 2018 he appeared in the movie Acceptance of the Sexy Body by Accident, starring Amy Schumer. His last works have been in the HBO series Camping, with Jennifer Garner, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, from Netflix, and in the always unprecedented Damage Control, promised for this year.

Jessica Cauffiel (Tori)

Maybe you don’t relate the name to the person, but blonde Jessica Cauffiel was a known face in the early 2000s, for her appearances in films like Legally Blonde (2001) and O Dia do Terror (2001). In addition, he was present on The Drew Carrey Show series. She was also on the FX show My Name is Earl, and will soon reprise her role as Margot in Legally Blonde 3. Cauffiel hasn’t filmed anything since 2009.

Jamie King (Heather)

Prior to The White Girls, blonde Jamie King appeared in blockbusters like Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor and Profession of Risk, along with Johnny Depp. She has also been featured in films based on Sin City (2005), The Spirit (2008) and the horror remake Macabro Valentine’s Day (2009). She recently played herself in Eight Women and a Secret (2018) and was on the horrific Escape Route 2 and 3 (2018 and 2019), alongside Sylvester Stallone. King also starred for Netflix in the horror series Black Summer (2019). His next work is the criminal thriller Out of Death, starring Bruce Willis.

John Heard (Warren)

The late John Heard played Patriarch Warren Vandergeld in The White Women. Previously, the actor had played another unforgettable cinema patriarch, Peter McCallister from Forgotten Me (1990) and Its Sequel (1992). The actor had a full line-up of over 180 credits, including films such as A Marca da Pantera (1982), Quero ser Grande (1988), Awakening Time (1990) and The Pelican Dossier (1993). One of Heard’s last “famous” works is Sharknado farofeiro (2013). Heard died in 2017 at the age of 71.

Bonus: Evangeline Lilly

Of that, I bet many didn’t know. Today, a Marvel star as Hope van Dyne in the Ant-Man films, in addition to having the Hobbit trilogy also on the program. But Lilly also saw her fair share of uncredited appearances early in her career, in films like Freddy x Jason (2003), for example. And here she simply lived as a “party guest”, an unnamed character. She was also a part of this Smallville series scheme, until it was discovered on Lost, and the rest is history.

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