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Who knew zombies would become the most cherished and trusted monsters in pop culture? Raised to celebrity status by the timeless classic Night of the Living Dead (1968), by George Romero (the “father” of creatures), after their appearance on the scene they never left, on the contrary, they earned more and more attention. During the 80s and 90s, its popularity only increased. Today, like superheroes, zombies seem to be everywhere and on everything from movies to TV series to games.

Netflix’s latest hit release, Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas, a Zack Snyder super-production, puts more emphasis on argument. Catching the wave of this hype, we decided to bring a new list (since every zombie story is still small) of movie and series tips focused on the theme’s recent releases, let them be more inclined. horror, action, adventure or comedy genres. Find out below.

Zack Snyder, love him or hate him. But never be indifferent to the filmmaker! Netflix’s latest blockbuster is one of the hottest films of this medium of 2021. Leaving terror aside and relying on their usual blows, blows and bombs, the plot features a group of armed mercenaries until ‘Teeth on a Suicide Mission: Open a casino safe in Las Vegas in the midst of an apocalyptic reality in which the city finds itself invaded by the living dead. Dave Bautista, the Guardians of the Galaxy Drax, stars.

Currently airing on Telecine Play, this horror comedy features Oscar-winning muse Lupita Nyong’o as a teacher taking her students, all still in their childhood, on a school trip. The protagonist’s responsibility increases dramatically when it comes to protecting them from a zombie infestation. The film debuted at Sundance 2019 and was later purchased by the streaming platform Hulu in the United States.

Another production on the subject bought by Netflix, this film was a great success on the platform because of its realistic and tense aesthetic. After the critical and public praise achieved by Invasão Zumbi (2016) and the praise of Extreme Parasite (2019) at the Oscars, audiences around the world have turned to works from South Korea. sequel Invasão Zumbi 2: Peninsula (2020) on the list as the representative of the country’s productions, but we went for the lesser known, but the most praised #Alive.

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Actresses’ performances in horror films are not as appreciated as they should be. One of the most talented young women in the genre today is Jane Levy, who has had incredible work on both The Devil’s Death (2013) and The Man in the Dark (2016). Here, in this Sony – Crackle production, she bets on the “floor” as Samantha, one of the employees of a gun company who sees her coworkers turn into angry zombies after consuming a drink. energizing. Creative argument for the zero point of a pandemic. Zachary Levi, the Shazam of cinema, is one of the lures in the skin of the antagonist, a self-centered employee.

British production, we continue here with a work equally focused on humor, but without forgetting the gallons of blood and a lot of laceration. Extremely creative, and also quite disturbing, this is a Christmas musical that seems to have left the Broadway stage. The catch is, this is a Christmas musical in the midst of a zombie pandemic, where high school protagonists must fight for their lives and save their friends and family.

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We ended the advice part of the film with a French production that was present on our land at the prestigious Varilux Festival 2018. The plot shows a guy arriving at a party in order to get his relationship with his ex back on track. At the scene, tired, he ends up sleeping in a room during the meeting, and when he wakes up the next morning he witnesses a terrifying reality: during the night the city was the scene of an uncontrollable epidemic which upset everyone, or almost everyone, into rabid murderers eating beef. Now Sam (Anders Danielsen Lie) must survive on the apartments and rooftops of Paris. Beautiful Iranian Golshifteh Farahani and veteran Denis Lavant are familiar faces of the cast.

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About to launch its second season, the series this time promises very cold weather and zombies in the snow. The Netflix show launched in 2019 and tells the story of a group of survivors who come together to return to their loved ones amid the early stages of a zombie infestation. Blonde Jamie King is the familiar face of the cast. The second year, with the 8 episodes, is scheduled for June 17, 2021.

To talk about the success of The Walking Dead series is to rain in the wet. On the air since 2010, the show ran for 10 seasons and completed the 11th, becoming one of the biggest phenomena in recent pop culture. Size is cult status, The Walking Dead is now spawning its second spin-off, following the equally successful Fear the Walking Dead (2015) – now in its 6th season. This second derivative uses as its theme the first generation of teenagers who grew up during the zombie apocalypse, who never lived in a world that did not bring such a reality. The new series aired its 1st season at the end of last year and is already preparing for its 2nd year.

Have you ever imagined an Enjoying the Crazy Life (1986) with zombies? Well, that’s more or less the proposition of this Netflix series. The title Daybreak is almost a “Day-Off” and in the cast we have Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick, here living the principal of the school. A good reference. The show was released in 2019 and had 10 episodes. But unfortunately the series was canceled.

After the South Korean and French zombie movies, we now have a 100% Brazilian show on the recommendation list. One of the gadgets is the presence of star Sabrina Sato as a presenter. The plot shows contestants on a Big Brother-style reality show, needing to use the large studio they are in, voiced by Projac, as a refuge to survive a zombie apocalypse. The series was released last year and includes 10 episodes from its first season.

Here we even have an animated series from Netflix among the production tips of the genre. Adult entertainment is very popular on TV, see BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty. While The Last Kids on Earth (in the original title) isn’t exactly an adult series, it does tackle the theme of the zombie apocalypse in its story, which is odd for a cartoon. The plot uses elements from the house blockbuster, Stranger Things, with four pre-teens facing the end of the world containing all manner of monstrous creatures in addition to the infamous walking dead.

Just for a change, we have another series from Netflix that completes the list of tips. Produced and performed by dear Drew Barrymore, this is another zombie-themed comedic foray. Here, the parallel is drawn with the miraculous diets of the rich and famous in California, in the small and exclusive town of Santa Clarita. The funny thing is that such a diet is actually made of human flesh, as the protagonist gradually becomes a zombie, as her husband and children race against the clock in order to reverse her condition. The show debuted in 2017 and ran for 3 seasons until 2019.

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