Arisa-Andrea Di Carlo, because it’s over: the whole truth



Arisa-Andrea Di Carlo, because it’s over: the whole truth. The two seemed like a perfect couple then something snapped

The manager and singer said goodbye for a few specific reasons. To take the floor to explain what happened is the head of the entertainment world, revealing the context.

Arisa (Photo: Facebook)

They seemed to be getting married after a long time as a happy couple. Rosalba Pippa, alias Arisa and Andrea Di Carlo said goodbye to the most beautiful. In 2021, they ended their relationship when many were already talking about a safe marriage. The director of the entertainment world is well known in the world by following actors such as Can Yaman and other well-known personalities of the most important Italian television programs. The back-and-forth between the two began for one specific episode, sparked by an interview of Arisa on Domenica In, by Mara Venier. At that time, the singer had not revealed the name of the man who was by her side in life, angering Di Carlo. A desire to depreciate the relationship, at least according to the ideas of the manager, which led to a final break some time later.

Today, months later, the interested party talks about it again, in an interview with Mow Magazine.

Arisa, the story with Andrea Di Carlo ended because of an interview with Domenica In: the manager’s version

Arisa in Sanremo (AnsaFoto)

Speaking freely, the manager of Can Yaman said, “So two hypotheses: the first is that I didn’t agree to announce it already on television and she knew it. Then he made the same thing to the journalist Santo Pirrotta on the Volpe show and the news came out in hundreds of newspapers, okay. The second hypothesis is that I didn’t like watching it when it was on television…” Di Carlo added further details: “At that time, Rosalba had bought herself a pair of Dior shoes and I immediately told her that we would only use these in bed. That day she wrote to me telling me to watch her from Venier because she was going to put those shoes on. I fell into the trap. Mara sent a very long, two-minute clip on TV that didn’t mention me. So even Rosalba didn’t say my name. Some saw it as a gesture of confidentiality, almost kind to me. I panicked. Once home she tried to calm me down and she did too. Only then, at four o’clock in the morning, did he wake up and tell me that he wanted to go home. I had just returned from Sanremo, where I had taken her with Ibra and it had been really stressful, as only the Festival can be. At that point, I thought I didn’t want to be with someone who crashes a scene at four in the morning and turns my life upside down for nothing.” From there, the vessel overflowed until it finally broke. The post on Instagram was quite harsh: “Love is for the brave, goodbye and thank you, marriage is no longer done.” Obviously the artist was not happy about it, as well as his fans.

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