Are Modular Buildings worth the investment?



The usage of prefabricated structures has gained immense popularity recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the versatility and efficiency of these buildings. The construction industry must use modular structures to align with sustainable initiatives. This can help alleviate the housing and economic crisis, making it feasible in more areas. In addition, modular structures have numerous other benefits that should be taken advantage of. Examining whether or not modular construction is worth all the hype, let’s explore the elements of a modular buildings which can impact cost and desirability.

How long do modular buildings last?

Modular buildings are an incredibly reliable and resilient option, as they have been adapted and perfected over the years to withstand the elements. Despite their classic unflattering looks, modular buildings are incredibly tough and reliable. In modern times, these buildings have been crafted to boast improved aesthetics, resilience and green features. Modular buildings are constructed with some of the most advanced materials on the market, designed to enhance their environmentally friendly impact. These materials provide outstanding sustainability for both the building and its surrounding environment. It is estimated that modular buildings can last for over thirty years without requiring any repairs, meeting the buyer’s requirements for that entire period. Even so, many modular building suppliers offer a renovation service on existing structures. This allows you to prolong the life and quality of your modular building without having too much trouble. The timeframe for these renovations would be comparable to what you’d experience when dealing with a typical structure, like a brick building. 

How much do modular buildings cost?

Again and again, modular buildings have proved themselves to be the better option for cost efficiency and value when investing in the construction industry. Modular buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Prices for these structures range from £7000 to a substantial sum of £150,000; the cost depends on the specifications and requirements of the client. However, compared to conventional buildings, green buildings are much more cost-effective as they can help you save up to 35%. Hence, these structures make for the smarter option from a financial standpoint.

Constructing a small establishment will be more cost-efficient when compared to constructing an entire school, as it requires lesser resources. Modular buildings are constructed by combining individual modular pods. The more modules you need for your structure, the higher the cost; however, there are potential cost savings when opting for a full-scale modular building. If you plan to create a classroom, you should factor in the cost of all necessary elements. This may influence the upper range of your budget.

If you’re looking to save even more money, one option is to opt for modular building rental instead of buying new. You can also choose refurbished models for extra savings. Depending on your requirements, the cost of hiring modular construction services can vary from £100 to £300 per week. In some scenarios, the price could be higher.

What Affects the Cost of Modular Buildings? 

Using modular construction, the cost of your building can be significantly affected by various components. For example, the price of a construction project is determined by its design, size and selection of materials used. These aspects all play a role in determining the overall costs. In addition, when determining the price of a facility, the purpose it will serve plays a crucial role. Whether you need a permanent construction, something temporary, or a custom project, all these can affect the price.

Recent questions regarding modular buildings have been raised, such as whether they provide good value for money and how long they are designed to last. While it is not yet possible to give an exact accuracy of predicted lifespans, further research is being done. As reliable modular building suppliers, PF Modular are responsible for bringing up-to-date knowledge and research from the construction sector to our clients. After assessing the speedy construction and the pocket-friendly cost of modular buildings compared to traditional ones, it is evident that modular constructions are a great option.

Modular construction is nothing new to the industry and has existed for some time. Although people are just beginning to appreciate their value and getting this information out there is essential. The sooner businesses learn about the benefits these tools can bring; the easier it will be for them to make informed decisions. So, if you are looking for further information on modular construction and portable buildings or want to ask specific questions about them, don’t hesitate to get in touch; one of our experienced team members can help.

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