Are Meghan and Kate reconciling? What do they have in mind



In stories regarding the strained relationship between Prince William and his brother Harry, the alleged rivalry between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton always comes out. Despite the initial efforts, in fact, the two sisters-in-law could not have found a meeting point to get along. Now, however, the Duchess of Sussex is said to be gifting the Princess of Wales with an olive branch.

Indeed, for a few months now, the wife of prince Harry has been producing his podcast entitled Archetypes. It’s a show where Meghan Markle hosts female guests every week to talk about female prototypes and prejudices. The show’s intent, in fact, is “to explore and subvert the labels that attempt to keep women in.”

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Rumor has it, however, that the podcast’s next guest could be Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales. Speaking in a recent episode on his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean said the two women could soon team up on the show, shaking up their current situation.

Kate Middleton guest on Meghan Markle’s podcast?

According to what Sean reports, in fact, Meghan Markle would have proposed to Kate Middleton to join her in an episode of Archetypes. The Duchess of Sussex would take advantage of her short trip to the United Kingdom to submit her idea to her sister-in-law. If confirmed, the news would leave room for a range of possible future collaborations and dispel rumors of an irreconcilable rivalry between the two women.

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The expert reported an insider’s indiscretions: “While Meghan was here, and staying in Windsor at Frogmore Cottage, she allegedly asked the Princess of Wales, according to this good source, to appear in an upcoming episode of ‘Archetypes.” If Kate agreed, she could “have the whole episode to herself” and the two would certainly be able to garner as much media attention as possible.

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The choice to invite Middleton on the show could therefore come across as a gesture of reconciliation, but it also makes a lot of sense when you think about the purpose of the show. The insider indeed added: “In Meghan’s eyes, it is based on the idea of ​​two duchesses, as they were then, obviously talking about the difficulty of managing a family, of a balance between work and life private”. Prince William’s wife would certainly not miss an opportunity to accept, as the couple plan to travel to the United States later this month for the Earthshot Prize. Markle sees her invitation as a great opportunity in many ways, but the news has yet to find official confirmation.

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