Apple “stabs” its customers: sensational and unexpected increases



The decision of the computer and technology giant Apple shocked all the faithful of the Cupertino company for its increases

Many people around the world are now very attached to the Apple universe. The well-known company, a world leader in technology and computer equipment, has always satisfied millions of customers with its latest generation devices.

The Apple logo (Pixabay)

The company founded by Steve Jobs has unique characteristics when it comes to its electronic devices. From the famous “Mac”, or laptops with iOS operating system, to iPhones and many other prestigious devices.

Those who get into Apple products know well that they choose devices that are more expensive than the average, precisely because of the technological and functional particularity. But in recent days, increases have been announced by the company that loyal customers have perceived as a real stab.

Rise for Apple Music and Apple TV: explanations from the Cupertino company

The increases that have irritated many users and customers are not so much in the cost of the devices, which remain rather standard depending on when the products are released and marketed.

But it’s a small blow for subscribers to the services that Apple guarantees, for the enjoyment of music, cinema and television series. Indeed, significant increases are coming in terms of subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple One. Apple One, the single plan for all services is coming: how it works (Photo: Facebook)

Here are the new price lists for Apple Music and Apple One:

Voice: 4.99 euros per month Students: 5.99 euros per month Individual: 10.99 euros per month Family: 16.99 euros per month Individual: 16.95 euros per month Family: 22.95 euros per month Premium: 31.95 euros per month

Apple TV + will instead increase to 6.99 euros per month, or 69.99 euros of annual subscription for films and television series broadcast by the channel created by the Cupertino company.

But the reason for these painful increases? Apple explained that as far as the music department is concerned, these increased subscriptions will give artists the opportunity to earn more money for their usable works.

While the increase in the cinema-television sector is due to the increase in supply on the ad hoc channel. Explanations that Apple customers will certainly not take lightly, given the umpteenth increases in this economically difficult period.

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