Apple scandal, the company spies on its customers: it’s a storm in the USA



A big storm hits the millionaire American company: Apple spies on its customers and it’s a scandal

The American multinational is taking a big risk and it wouldn’t be the first time. To put the whole company in trouble, it was a developer and researcher who dropped the bomb: the scandal has already invaded the USA.


Developer and security researcher Tommy Mysk discovered a flaw in Apple’s system. The Cupertino company could be in serious trouble, and not just from an economic point of view, but much more. According to what was revealed by the expert, in fact, in the systems there would be a serious breach of privacy that affects all customers of the American multinational.

From what Mysk discovered, indeed, it would seem that refusing to share the analysis data with Apple would be useless: the information will still arrive on the company’s servers. The data arriving at the Cupertino headquarters, among other things, is not exclusively intended to personalize advertisements, but for something much more private. This type of violation can compromise the credibility of the company itself, not only from an economic point of view, but there will be a series of really risky consequences.

Apple spies on its users without their consent: it’s the storm


Tommy Mysk also gave an explanation of how Apple manages to spy on its users: everything comes from the App Store through which the iPhone – or all devices equipped with it – from iOS 14.6, would be able to observe everything the user does. The collected data, which is tracked, is then transmitted to the company. The report contains a whole list of actions that each individual user does: how we manage to download a specific application, the advertisements seen, those that interest us more or less and how much time we spend on a certain screen.

Even more serious is the way in which this data is transmitted. To ensure that what is collected belongs to a single user, the analyzes performed are sent with our identification code attached so that the user can be uniquely identified. What Tommy Mysk discovered really shakes the chairs of American society.

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