Antonino Spinalbese retained by Belen Rodriguez? His big wish to GF Vip



Antonino Spinalbese, the competitor of GF Vip 7, is he retained by Belen Rodriguez? Here is the indiscretion concerning a very particular request from the former hairdresser.

During a conversation with some tenants of GF Vip 7, Antonino Spinalbese had explained his sentimental situation well. He currently felt committed to his daughter and did not want to engage in any relationship on the reality show. Indeed, it was Geneva and Jaël who first approached him.

GF Vip 7, Antonino Spinalbese would have received a new ‘no’ from Belen: what’s going on (photo © Mediaset).

At the birth of the daughter of Antonino Spinalbese and Belen Rodriguez, the former hairdresser of Aldo Coppola had written some very sweet sentences dedicated to his paternity: “’Dad’s mouse’. The most beautiful sentence that my father kept repeating to my sisters… I’ve always dreamed of it… Saying it to a girl. Now I can do it”.

GF Vip 7, what does Belen have to do with Antonino’s request?

It would seem that Antonino only has eyes for his daughter. According to what Novella 2000 reveals, in the confessional he repeatedly expressed a special wish to the authors of GF Vip 7. He would like to be able to meet Luna Marì also during his trip inside Big Brother’s house, despite the fact that the girl is almost a year and four months old.

Here is the message that Belen Rodriguez posted during the GF Vip 7 and that many thought of Antonino Spinalbese. Belen later denied that he was directed at his ex (Instagram photo).

The presence of a child under the age of eighteen on television is always very difficult to achieve, but what has happened in previous editions of GF Vip 7 shows that it is possible. For example, Alessandro Basciano has a son who was then 5 years old. She met him for a few minutes just outside the red door of Big Brother’s house.

What would have happened: the indiscretion is unbelievable

According to what gossip expert Alessandro Rosica would reveal, it would be Belen Rodriguez who indirectly made it impossible for Antonino Spinalbese and Luna Marì to meet in the house of GF Vip 7. The little girl, in fact, should be accompanied during the meeting with the Vippone and it seems that the showgirl does not want to expose herself. Here is what Belen Rodriguez said about Antonino Spinalbese during their relationship from which Luna Marì was born (source: Instagram).

It’s unclear at this time if Belen doesn’t want to be associated with Antonino anymore, doesn’t want her daughter to go to GF Vip 7, or if she wants nothing to do with reality TV. There were also rumors of a showgirl warning her ex about talking about their relationship during the reality show.

Here’s Giaele’s approach to Antonino, who have been caught under the covers together on multiple occasions:

Antonino and Giaele ever closer, ever more intimate 🔥 #GFVIP pic.twitter.com/ki5iW8MruR

— Big Brother (@GrandeFratello) October 28, 2022

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