Antonino Spinalbese let it slip: the woman of his dreams is her: “He already has children”



Antonino Spinalbese, who has become known in recent times also for his affair, unfortunately ended, with the beautiful Belen Rodriguez, from whom he also had the little Luna Marì, now seems totally willing to look to the future and to rebuild a life, from an emotional point of view. and love. Besides, it seems that he got an idea about his new life partner… It’s her!

He is not the one who – so to speak – falls easily, Antonino Spinalbese, because, although his love affair with Belen ended badly, now, moreover still engaged in the most spied house in Italy, he now seems more willing than ever. to rebuild a life, indeed, his heart would already be busy again… Who is the lucky one? You all know it!

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Antonino Spinalbese no longer intends to make a mystery of his feelings. Yes, his heart is already busy again, and everything suggests that love has found him within the walls of the most spied on house in Italy. And it was he himself who broke – as they say – the silence on this subject, to the immense joy of his fans, many of whom are eager to see him happy, serene and satisfied again. And now it seems that this desire they have can become – and very soon – a splendid reality, although it is already committed to another! But – after all – as we know, the heart is not controlled, ergo… But who is she? Who are we talking about?

He’s crazy about Lamborghini

Antonino Spinalbese spoke again – and even for a long time. by Ginevra Lamborghini, the influencer he met in the GF VIP house and with whom a decidedly very, very particular feeling was born. Although she was disqualified from reality television, Alfonso Signorini allows them to talk to each other during each live broadcast and with each interview they seem more and more interested in each other, although she – and it is worth remembering – be engaged to Edoardo Casella.

But to his colleagues he says something else… What game is he playing?

Spinalbese – however – did not express very positive thoughts (on the contrary!) on the relationship with the young girl in front of her fellow adventurers: “Guys, but Geneva if I hadn’t met her here, I wouldn’t never would have known her outside. . When I leave, I return to my life. I will see her again but something is missing, they don’t think like children. I have a family myself,” he said at a party. But what game is man playing?

Overnight he then chatted with Giaele De Donà, the contestant who approached him after leaving Geneva who complained that now “Gin-Tonic” fans, a nickname created specifically for Antonino and Ginevra, would hate her . So Spinalbese joked, “Come on here, let’s do a dedonatonic,” specifically asking her to hug him. What will Electra’s sister think of all this?

Ginevra Lamborghini and Antonino Spinalbese Solocine.it

In the garden with Giaele, Cristina and Pamela, Antonino confessed that he wanted – listen, listen – to get married. “I am looking for a single woman, who already has children”, he said, being also the father of Luna Marì, born, we remember him for absolute duty of registration, during his past, as well as much talked about, relationship with the beautiful Belen Rodriguez.

Then he continued, revealing that he was dreaming of a beach wedding. “Age? Any. Whether she’s ever been married before it’s the same, I want to get married on the beach. I want to see my mother at the wedding, my sister. I’ve always avoided weddings, I I all refused, it must have been 8 or 9.”

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