Antonino Spinalbese and Ginevra Lamborghini, massacred by critics: the reason



The public absolutely did not appreciate the behavior of the two Big Brother Vip competitors Antonino Spinalbese and Ginevra Lamborghini.

A few weeks ago, Big Brother Vip faced a difficult case, the first of its kind in the program’s history. Actor Marco Bellavia pulled out after being bullied by other candidates and the editorial team decided to act on it. For this Ginevra Lamborghini, sister of the most famous Elettra, was disqualified, since her behavior, in particular, was decreed as the worst.

Antonino Spinalbese and Ginevra Lamborghini – Solocine.it

From this moment, of course, the young heiress no longer lives in the most spied house in Italy, but continues to be a regular presence on the program during the evening shows. In fact, Alfonso Signorini made him meet more than once privately with Antonino Spinalbese, who still participates in the game.

The production gave them both a chance to see each other again and finally clear up. However, the public did not like this idea and harshly criticized what happened next.

Antonino Spinalbese and Ginevra Lamborghini, criticized by Big Brother Vip fans

In the early days Antonino Spinalbese had shown some interest in Ginevra Lamborghini, but that never really took off. Since she was disqualified, however, the editorial team seems to want to stress them more and therefore gave them both more opportunities to meet and clear up.

Elettra’s younger sister has dedicated sweet words to Belen Rodriguez’s ex-partner, explaining that she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. The two – who had had misunderstandings in the past – confirmed they are now back to a peaceful relationship.

Antonino Spinalbese and Ginevra Lamborghini – Solocine.it

The girl confessed that she misses her very much, but viewers do not believe her and strongly protest on social networks, explaining that they believe that this behavior is wrong and constructed by the editorial staff. Giulia Salemi also said so, who has a very important presence on social networks, explaining that viewers are tired of these continuous meetings. Even on Twitter, Internet users are of the same opinion: it is useless to insist on a relationship that has not even really been born. The public at home therefore does not seem to believe in the feelings between the two VIPs. The reverse of the Lamborghini got us thinking, as did the accusations against Antonino of pretending to be interested in Antonella Fiordelisi.

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