Antonella Fiordelisi, the secret that no one knew: “We haven’t seen each other for years”



Antonella Fiordelisi, the secret that no one knew: “We haven’t seen each other for years”. The model and influencer confesses her pain

The more the days pass inside the house of Big Brother Vip 7, the more the protagonists of reality show their true feelings, confessing their secrets. Like Antonella Fiordelisi who has been living a difficult family situation for some time, even if she always tries to be happy and relaxed.

Antonella Fiordelisi, the secret that no one knew (Instagram)

Many think that she is an only child, because when she talks about the family, she always and only mentions the two parents. In reality, however, the influencer from Campania also has a sister with whom he shares the same mother who after the divorce of her first husband (of whom a daughter was born) built a new family by giving birth to him.

A secret the other competitors didn’t know and today, speaking with Alberto De Pisis, Fiordelisi confessed how uncomfortable this situation makes her. Because in fact the two sisters have not seen each other for years and have not even spoken despite the fact that she has tried several times to contact her if only for clarification.

Antonella Fiordelisi, the secret that no one knew: “She is very cold”

It all started with a question, because Vippona wondered if her sister was watching her now that she started this new television experience and she talked about it with Albertoi. Obviously, he tried to figure out what their relationship was, which is practically nil.

“Actually, it’s not that he hates me, but we haven’t seen each other in years. My mother always tries to call her, but she is very cold. He never got over that very separation that there was.” Physically, they are very similar, but they have a decidedly different character: she is as exuberant and expansive as her sister is shy. Antonella Fiordelisi having fun inside the house (photo by Mediaset)

Until she was little, they saw each other every weekend, but as they grew up, each made their own life and, inevitably, they separated. She would like him to surprise her by asking her to see her at GF Vip but it is going to be very difficult for that to happen. For now, they are like that and only time will tell if they can mend a relationship.

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