Antonella Fiordelisi, despite the microphones, makes the hot revelation: Edoardo will be very badly there



The climate in the House of Big Brother Vip is heating up, thanks in particular to the presence of Antonella Fiordelisi who indulges in spicy revelations about her ideal type. Unfortunately for Edoardo, this guy is not him.

Antonella Fiordelisi seemed to have a very special relationship with her colleague Edoardo Donnamaria, who seems very interested in her. However, it appears from the recent revelations of the beautiful influencer that the feeling is not mutual.

Fiordelisi and Donnamaria Solocine.it

What it seems to the public is that Antonella Fiordalisi sees Edoardo Donnamaria more as a special friend to be pampered, comforted and used as a private confidant. In reality, the one who makes her “blood” as she says is another.

Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria

Antonella Fiordelisi is a former fencer and model, currently she is a very popular influencer, especially for her flirtations with important men, such as Amedeo Barbato and Gonzalo Higuain. In short, Fiordelisi has won many medals, both in sports and in love life. It looks like another is about to win in the most talked about house, as it literally drives Edoardo Donnamaria mad with jealousy. We came to know Edoardo more as a permanent presence in the Forum program. Who knows if the scale will be in his favor without the help of a judge?

The new triangle in the house

Although Edoardo Donnamaria follows Antonella Fiordelisi like a dog, since the last revelations that the beautiful influencer released at the microphones of the Gf, he would feel a strong attraction for Antonino Spinalbese. She declares that she speaks calmly to Edoardo, but does not physically attract him, he is not really her ideal man.

Antonino gives butterflies to his stomach: “Edo is not really my prototype. Aesthetically, he’s not the man I usually like. On the physical level it does not make me blood I am sincere. While the one I love is Antonino. But with Edo I speak very well and he is very intelligent”.

New triangle at Gf Vip Solocine.it

This discussion was obviously not taken well by Edoardo who argued with the two participants for different reasons. In response to this squabble, Antonella threw herself into Spinalbese’s Latvian at 5 a.m., continuing to press him that he would be her ideal type and that she knows she is his too. His answer leaves no way out: “Why do you think that? I love you all. You really are beautiful girls. Are you so sure of what you say? “.

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