Anton Giulio Grande dresses Elisabetta Gregoraci



On the second night of the 17th edition of the Rome Film Fest at Auditorium Parco della Musica, fashion designer Anton Giulio Grande conquered the red carpet with a sexy and daring dress worn by Elisabetta Gregoraci.

On the occasion of the Capitoline event, the designer presents a haute couture creation and tells us exclusively on VelvetMAG the details of the dress and the friendship of more than twenty years that binds him to Elisabetta. Within the framework of the structure designed by Renzo Piano, the pivot of the event takes place, hosting screenings, meetings, events, exhibitions, installations, conferences and debates. The 1300 square meters of the avenue leading to the Cavea are transformed into one of the largest red carpets in the world. Art and creativity do not stop and are expressed more vigorously than ever in this edition which is the manifesto of a long-awaited restart, not only for Italian cinema, but for all the arts.

Anton Giulio Grande’s haute couture on the red carpet

The designer Anton Giulio Grande paraded with the splendid Elisabetta Gregoraci in a very original haute couture creation. The creator and the showgirl attended the premiere of the film La Cura by Francesco Patierno with Alessandro Preziosi. The film is the story of a film crew who, during the hardest days of confinement, shoot a film loosely inspired by Camus’ Plague. “It’s always exciting to come back to the capital for events of this caliber” – says Anton Giulio Grande exclusively to VelvetMAG – “Elisabetta Gregoraci has been a very dear friend for twenty-five years. We met in 1997 when I I was president of the jury of the Miss Italy Calabria section. On this occasion, it was I who chose Elisabetta and put her in the Miss Italia Calabria sash with Denny Mendez. »

“Elizabeth struck me not only with her extraordinary statuary beauty, but also with her strong personality. She was already an ambitious girl, full of dreams, of the time. Over time, she studied, she ventured into a modeling career, even the valley of Pippo Baudo. Gregoraci and I are very close, every time we see each other we always talk about this anecdote, when I had my show in Rome”.

Creation in pink and black fringes

“For the Rome Film Festival red carpet, Elisabetta and I had a chat a while ago about choosing the right look for this important event” – Anton Giulio Grande tells VelvetMAG exclusively – “I sent Ely a series outfits to choose from. Of these, you selected four that we tried on in Rome at your place. Needless to say, they were all enchanted, but then her choice fell on what we saw parading on the red carpet. A dress that struck her for the mixture of colors, the movement, the attention to detail, the preciousness of the garment. A boned bustier with tulle flounces, with embroidery created with wavy chains on which the jets fit in. The color is pink, on the cups there is an inlay of pink and black lace.”

A creation clearly inspired by the 1920s, reminiscent of the Charleston period. “It’s a bustier that recalls that era, but also the 50s” – he comments exclusively for VelvetMAG Grande: “It was the golden age of glamorous cinema, the years of Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Marylin Monroe. The silk fringes of the dress worn by Elisabetta are alternated with a pink and black band. Even Valentino gave his sense of femininity and inclusiveness by using the color pink, in the occurrence the fuchsia for a whole collection Pink is a shade that has been cleared by customs and is also used by men to give a concept of inclusiveness, like the look of Blanco at the Sanremo Festival, always signed Valentino. »

Anton Giulio Grande, a coherent and recognizable style

For years, the famous Calabrian couturier has been offering looks of great sartorial research, which follow a widely recognizable stylistic signature. Sensuality, glamour, timeless charm, Anton Giulio Grande’s wife can be recognized by her strong personality and her ability to be center stage. “I didn’t really like the looks of this edition of the Rome Film Fest” – Grande tells VelvetMAG exclusive – “I haven’t seen great things so far, there is certainly a great desire to return to the cinema. I really hope that this habit will resume soon because cinema is in crisis. I hope that the magic of this art envelops us all, because the film industry is a driving force for our economy and for making Italy known in the world “.

The famous couturier has been commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission since last April. “It’s a role that I like a lot, I’m passionate about fashion, but cinema is not far from fashion” – explains Anton Giulio Grande – “Currently thanks to my position, I can try my hand at new adventures. We designers are often fascinated by movie stars, but many films have also been made famous by the appearance of clothing. How could we forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the iconic Givenchy little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn?” When style becomes legend.

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