Anticipations Un Posto al Sole, Roberto risks his life: Filippo and Franco cannot stop him



In the next episodes of Un Posto al Sole, the knots will come to an end, but Franco and Filippo will not be able to do anything: all the previews

Fabrizio Rosato still has Marina Giordano as a prisoner and Roberto Ferri can’t believe his beloved vanished into thin air after finding balance together. In the next episodes, the entrepreneur will face the man

Roberto Ferri (@Facebook)

Fabrizio Rosato’s diabolical plan is about to come to an end, because Roberto Ferri’s love for Marina Giordano is too strong to think that she left spontaneously without giving an explanation. It all starts with the audio Elena plays Roberto, in which Marina admits she’s fine and needs some time to herself, but all viewers know she was forced by Fabrizio.

Roberto does not give up even in front of the audio he heard, he is convinced that something is wrong and he is also certain that the problem is Fabrizio Rosato, so he retraces his steps. Filippo and Franco who were involved in the incident know that Ferri has no good intentions and try to stop him, to no avail.

Anticipations Un Posto al Sole, the showdown between Fabrizio and Roberto

Roberto Ferri (@Facebook)

Marina is now exhausted when Roberto Ferri tries to find her, but Filippo and Franco are not at all happy to know the danger of Fabrizio Rosato. The two will try to make the entrepreneur think, who, however, in the face of love for Marina becomes blind: he wants to find her at all costs. Roberto is convinced that his beloved did not leave spontaneously, but that Fabrice hides her who knows where.

At some point, the confrontation will come for the two. Fabrizio Rosato is an extremely dangerous man and his actions could compromise Roberto’s life, despite this realization, Roberto decides to face him. What’s going to happen? It is not excluded that Rosato decides to put an end to his own suffering in front of Marina and Roberto happy together or that it is Roberto who kills him. The simplest hypothesis could be to see him handcuffed again.

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