Anticipations Beautiful, Ridge makes its choice: farewell to two historical faces



In the next episodes of Beautiful, Ridge will make a decisive point for the American soap opera: all the previews

Ridge has always been a main character on the American soap opera, and over the years his ups and downs have drastically changed the plot. Once again, viewers will witness a change of times of course.

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It all starts with a shady plan by Thomas. From the American advances, it is known that Ridge and Brooke are in Aspen where Taylor and Steffy are also. Logan has every intention of regaining the relationship with her husband and trying to save the marriage, so she will join him. It all started with Sheila’s devious plan that put their love to the test, but after exposing everything, the two become a couple again. However, Ridge realizes that he still has feelings for Taylor who has just returned to Los Angeles and has been with him through a very complex time.

Steffy and Thomas would love to see their parents together: a real war begins between Forrester and Logan, with the father of the family between two fires. Brooke then confronts Ridge because he wants to know which side he’s going to take. Historically, Logan has always managed to carry the Forrester in his arms again, but this time something has changed.

Anticipations Beautiful, Ridge chooses Taylor: goodbye to Brooke

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As we can see on the American promo for the next episodes of Beautiful, Ridge will tell Brooke that their story is now over and will confess that he chose to have Taylor by his side. The one between the bridge is a real goodbye. Although Logan will try anything and everything to put him back in his arms, begging him to retrace his steps, this time the Forrester will seem adamant.

Taylor and Ridge are a couple again, much to the delight of Steffy and Thomas. How long will this idyll last? Soon, the shady plan Thomas dreamed up will come out and change the cards once again.

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