Anticipations A place in the sun, does Viola betray Eugenio? Another earthquake hits the Palazzo Palladini



In the next episodes of Un Posto al Sole, Viola and Eugenio will again be at the center: all the previews

Life at Palazzo Palladini is never boring: poisonings, weddings, shattered dreams and contaminated mozzarella. This time a new earthquake is about to strike the heads of Posillipo families.

Viola and Eugenio (@RaiPlay)

Marriage life between Viola and Eugenio is now bankrupt. The work of magistrate has become too heavy in the life of the couple and their son Antonio, to the point that Raffaele’s daughter does not want to know anything more and settles in her parents’ house at Palazzo Palladini. Susanna’s death and the shooting of which she was the victim marked too great a trauma for her to such an extent that she could no longer live with her husband’s work.

At the same time, however, Viola resumed her daily life and returned to teaching in Bianca’s class. Right in the chair, he meets Gabriele, a history teacher, who seems to be a very cultured man and interested in the teacher. Between the two, in fact, a particular complicity is born that gives Viola the right spark to rebuild her life, although she is very close to Eugenio.

Anticipations Un Posto al Sole, Manuela and Micaela argue strongly

Micaela and Manuela (@RaiPlay)

Manuela holds a very big secret about Niko who, if in the possession of her sister Micaela, could see Jimmy custody of her father. The twin Cirillo is very attached to the lawyer Poggi and has no intention of taking part in the war that he and his sister are waging, but taking advantage of a moment of weakness, tries to get even closer to his great love. Micaela does not appreciate this outpouring of affection from her sister and the two begin to fight harshly under the staring eyes of Serena and Filippo.

Nunzio and Chiara will stay in Napoli and Petrone will have his detention period, 4 years and 2 months. In the meantime, however, Katia and Franco’s son wants to get married, not before having the young businesswoman detoxified in the best center.

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