‘Ant-Man 3’: Bill Murray Joins Cast in SECRET Role



In a recent interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, famous star Bill Murray confirmed that he was cast to play a secret role in the long-awaited film “Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” – and that he actually had finished shooting his scenes in production.

Although he has not confirmed who will bring the film to life or actually be part of the sequel, Murray said the director he met commissioned the classic teen film “Teenagers – As Pimentadas”, indicating clearly he had met Peyton Reed.

“You know, I recently did a Marvel movie,” he commented. “I probably won’t say it, but that’s okay. Anyway, some people were quite surprised to know why I decided to participate in this project. But for me it was pretty clear: I met the director – and I liked him very much. He was funny, humble and everything you would expect from a director. And with the story of ‘Teenagers – The Peppers’ cheerleaders they did a few years ago, which I find amazing. So I agreed, even though I’m not very interested in these great comic book adaptations.

Recalling that the film has been postponed for five months by Marvel Studios and Disney.

Previously scheduled for February 17, 2023, the feature will now hit theaters on July 28, 2023.

In addition to ‘Homem-Formiga 3’, a number of other titles have also undergone changes in the production schedule.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: March 25, 2022 to May 6, 2022. Thor: Love and Thunder: May 6, 2022 to July 8, 2022. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: July 8, 2022 to November 11, 2022. The Wonders : from November 11, 2022 to February 17, 2023. Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: from February 17, 2023 to July 28, 2023. UNTITLED FILM: removed from the schedule UNTITLED FILM: removed from the schedule UNTITLED FILM: November 10 November 2023 to November 3, 2023.

Filming for the sequel began in July at Pinewood Studios in England. Next, the cast and production team will return to the city of Atlanta, where Marvel Studios is making their films.

The work is shot under the production title ‘Goat Rodeo’.

In addition to Paul Rudd (Scott Lang) and Jonathan Majors (Kang the Conqueror), the cast also features the return of Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne, Michael Douglas as Hank Pym and Kathryn Newton as Cassie Lang.

The sequel features Peyton Reed’s return as a director, with a screenplay written by Jeff Loveness (“Rick and Morty”).

Together, the two films in the franchise have grossed over $ 1 billion for Marvel Studios.

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