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Answering Popular Questions About Visiting Vatican City



Vatican City

Would you like to visit the tiniest country in the world? This is also known as Vatican City, and every year, it welcomes millions through its gates. In particular, most tourists come to learn about Catholicism and see where the Pope lives. Indeed, the Vatican Museums are a highlight, with over 70,000 artefacts here to view. In particular, people love to see the Sistine Chapel in person, as well as St. Peter’s Basilica. 

But, if you have never been before, you might have a lot of questions about Vatican City. Today, we are going to answer some of the most popular questions people ask. So, let’s get started.

How Big is the Art Collection in the Vatican Museums?

The Vatican Museums are world famous, and people travel from all over in order to experience the place for themselves. In particular, tourists love to see the art that is on display there. Indeed, the art collection is extensive and impressive. Most people are surprised to hear that there are nine miles worth of art on display in the Vatican Museums. There are a lot of famous pieces here, which is why tourists come to visit.

For example, one of the most famous spots is the Sistine Ceiling by Michelangelo. It is a wonderful sight and something you have to experience. Of course, the Vatican Museums do get very busy with tourists, and this is particularly true during the summer months. So, Vatican skip-the-line private tour tickets are recommended. This is going to make sure that you beat the crowds and will be able to see the best artwork in the Museums.

Does Anybody Actually Live in Vatican City?

While you might be aware that Vatican City is a country within Rome, you may be wondering if anybody really lives there. Many people think about Vatican City as the home of the Pope, but does Vatican City actually have any citizens? The answer to this question is yes. Currently, there are around 517 people that live there. But, these are not what you would classify as ‘ordinary’ citizens. You are going to have to work for the Vatican office or be a diplomat of the Holy See.

Therefore, while people do live there, it is not easy to get citizenship. Not just anybody will be accepted to have this. So, if you were thinking about moving here any time soon, you might want to select a new destination. It is one of the most difficult citizenships to acquire in the world.

Does Vatican City Function like a Real Country?

There is no doubt that people forget Vatican City is a country. Indeed, it has just over 100 acres of land. So, it is small, and people often associate it with Rome. But, it does function in many ways like a real country would expect. For example, it does have a border with Italy, although there is nothing to pay in order to visit.

In addition, Vatican City has its own license plates on cars. You will also notice that it has its own euros and stamps. What’s more, if you were to live here, you would get a unique passport too. There is even a flag for the country, as well as its own anthem to sign. So, while it is easy to forget that this is a country, it certainly operates like one.

Is the Pope Protected in Vatican City?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The pope and pontiff are protected in Vatican City, and this is by the Swiss Guard. This has happened since 1506, and many people love to see their uniforms. Indeed, it has stripes and is very colorful. Many people think that they are just there to show force rather than being able to use it. But, know that this might be a small army. But, the soldiers are trained.

The safety and security of the Pope is taken very seriously. This means that there are always Swiss guards present. Indeed, people do like to see them when they visit Vatican City. But, make sure that you respect their space and take this security seriously. Again, they are there to protect the Pope.

Is There Really a Lot of Wine Consumed in Vatican City?

There are many people that are aware of the reputation of Vatican City when it comes to drinking wine. Indeed, this is true, and you might be surprised to hear that. Indeed, more wine is consumed per head here than in any other country in the world. On average, this is thought to be around 74 litres per person.

Of course, many people want to know why this is the case. Well, we cannot know for sure. But, this is likely down to the type of people that are likely to be citizens here. It is thought that they are in the demographic that will enjoy drinking a lot of wine.

Does Vatican City Have Border Control?

Since Vatican City is a country and it is separate from Rome, there is a border between the two. While this is a very small border, considering the size of Vatican City, there is still this boundary. But, something you do not have to worry about is any type of border control. For instance, you do not have to show your passport or pay a fee in order to enter Vatican City from Rome. As a tourist, you can walk in without any problems.

Something to note is that there can be security checks when you enter Vatican City. For instance, if you are going to be entering the Vatican Museums or St Peter’s Basilica, there will be checks. In particular, your baggage can be searched and there are certain restrictions on what you are able to bring in. So, make sure that you understand the rules when you are visiting. After all, you do not want to be denied entry into these places when you are excited to go.

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