Another tomorrow, sensational anticipation: the attack shocks the public



Juicy and surprising previews for the Spanish soap opera that has been delighting Canale 5 audiences for several months now

For some time now, the Italian public, especially lovers of soap operas and daily fiction, have been passionate about Another Tomorrow, the Spanish product that takes place on several temporal levels.

Anticipations of another tomorrow (web source)

In the meantime, there are tasty advances concerning the next episodes of Another Tomorrow, or those which will be staged from Monday October 31 to Friday November 4 still on Canale 5.

An unexpected and rather violent attack will literally shake the audience of Another Tomorrow. Victim is one of the protagonists of the soap opera, who will therefore see his position in danger because of his excesses.

The weekly previews of Another Tomorrow: Carmen attacked by a stranger

The victim of the aforementioned attack will be Carmen Villanueva, the absolute protagonist of Another Tomorrow in the past phase of the story, the one that takes place in the Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea.

According to the advances, in fact, it turns out that Carmen will be the victim of a heavy attack. At the beginning, Linda will inform Carmen that she has prepared a surprise for her, that is, a meeting with a famous milliner. However, the young woman will spend the evening drinking and the next day she will not wake up in time to go to the meeting, disappointing her friend a little. Another tomorrow (photo © Mediaset).

No matter the gossip, she will continue to have fun every night around the clubs until Victor, worried about her, does not let Kiros follow her. Villanueva will end up falling on an individual who makes heavy advances to him until a real aggression but the young man, fortunately, will be able to avoid the worst by intervening.

The latest news about events in the present of Another Tomorrow concerns an important decision made by Julia. The young woman will announce to everyone her relationship, both sentimental and professional, with Sergio. But neither Diana nor Tirso will be satisfied with this revelation, so much so that the man will seem inclined to leave the country and leave the family hotel. At this point, Erik will step in, who isn’t at all sure that’s a wise move. The young man will therefore try to make his uncle think.

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