Another blow for Gemma Galgani! Demolished in a nutshell



Gemma Galgani, a well-known columnist on Men and Women, received very strong criticism: few words, but very harsh.

Among the various characters who have worked on Men and Women for many years, one of the most historic faces is certainly that of Gemma Galgani, who is not only a columnist, but also a lady of the Over version. His bickering with his colleague Tina Cipollari has become very famous during the show and often requires the mediating intervention of Maria De Filippi. During one of the last episodes, however, it was not Tina who attacked the lady, but another person, certainly unexpected.

Gemma Galgani – Solocine.it

The transmission of Canale 5 has continued with great success for more than twenty years and during this long period various characters have become famous and dramas and controversies have certainly never been lacking. The Over version entertains audiences just like the youth version and has seen many loves arise. Among these, it is absolutely necessary to mention the caressing fart entrepreneur Isabella Ricci, who married a few months ago with Fabio Mantovani, whom she had met thanks to the date show.

During one of the last episodes, Gemma received harsh criticism from a lady who recently walked into the show’s living room. The spoken words are very strong.

Men and women, the virulent criticism of Gemma Galgani

Recently, Gemma Galgani returned to Men and Women in Search of Her Prince Charming. If he succeeded, he would finally find love and could leave the program in which he participated from the first editions after many years. This year, however, a woman with a very strong personality has imposed herself among the ladies of the Over version and does not intend to go unnoticed.

We are talking about the determined Paola Ruocco, who immediately became interested in Roberto, who, however, is also very fond of Gemma herself. The Roman Knight said he was very fond of Gemma, but also wished he had known the newcomer in more depth.

Paola Ruocco – Solocine.it

The outing, however, did not go well and it turned out that Paola has no intention of continuing to date Roberto as she feels she has to be a determined man by his side, who knows. what she wants from life and who is willing to do anything for her. From here to the official Men’s and Women’s Weekly, he also commented and criticized the behavior of the rival lady: “From what I’ve seen, Gemma is the most insecure woman in the studio”.

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