“ Anne with an E ”: petition for renewal is approaching 1 MILLION and 500 thousand signatures



After the cancellation of “ Anne with an E ” with only three seasons, fans are pushing hard and continuing to campaign for Netflix to renew the attraction.

The petition posted on Chance.org is approaching 1 MILLION and 500 THOUSAND subscriptions, with 1,442,084 Internet users strengthening the appeal.

In part of the text, the creator of the document says:

“Guys, we all love Season 3, but there’s so much more… We need answers and we want to see them! The whole history of ka’kwet, the life of Queen Anne and, of course, how Shirbert develops! I therefore hope that this petition will grab the attention of Netflix so that they decide to renew the show for season 4! Anne would like us to fight [por isso]! “

So far, Netflix has not taken a position on the possibility of a renewal.

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The plot follows orphan Anne (Amybeth McNulty), an optimistic girl who will live with the Cuthberts family in England. Due to her peculiar manner, Anne ends up suffering to adapt to the difficult life of the countryside.

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