Annalisa’s Famous Songs Concert: When and Where



After having been among the protagonists of the summer with the collaboration with Boomdabash at Tropicana, Annalisa has inaugurated a new chapter of her solo music. That’s why he’ll be back on stage tonight, October 19, for a unique concert all about dancing, having fun and letting go with the singer in Florence.

Annalisa left the Amici school a few years ago. Maria De Filippi immediately understood her talent well and, in fact, even after the talent show, her career within the Italian music scene continued. Sweet, edgy and gritty: these are just some of the qualities that are evident when you listen to Annalisa sing.

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Music has always been his greatest passion and he wanted to cultivate it so that it also became his profession. Now, the artist has also inaugurated a new chapter in her music, where she shows herself to be more mature and aware of her abilities, her musical style and of herself as a whole. That’s why he will return tonight, October 19, with a new concert where he will perform to the notes of his latest hits from his seventh studio album, Nuda.

With Nuda Annalisa inaugurated a new chapter in her music

Although very young, Annalisa already has many achievements in the field of recording in recent years. 17 Platinum records, 12 Gold records, numerous collaborations and more than one participation in the Sanremo Festival. A singer who has now found her way and who is no longer the young woman she met at Amici. Now this girl has grown up and is more aware of her abilities. Indeed, the time has come for Annalisa to change too and the singer did it in Nuda, the last album released. The artist has decided to inaugurate a new artistic journey that tonight, October 19, will also be presented on the stage of the Viper Theater in Florence, for a unique show ready to make us dance.

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Beautiful, “exactly as I am”

Among the songs that Annalisa will perform live at the Viper Theater in Florence will also be the latest radio hit, Bellissima. A song that has already climbed the Fimi / Gfk singles charts and is one of the most played on the radio. “A song I wrote at a defining moment in my career, that moment when you look in the mirror and decide that once you’ve cleared all the filters, you can finally build something completely new. C “is a painful tale, a punch in the stomach, but written with self-mockery and a hint of romantic hysteria. It makes you dance, yes, but with tears. It’s exactly who I am”, said the singer about the new song. The next live to be played tonight, October 19, will be an opportunity for Annalisa to show a new side of herself, after two years of absence from the stage in due to the pandemic.

Courtesy of the press office

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