Angela Sozio, from GF Vip to the most total abyss: how it is shrinking today after years



Angela Sozio participated in Big Brother 3 during the 2003 edition. After the success given by the father of all reality shows, she made a career in the entertainment world until she was involved in scandals policies. But what happened to him today? What is he doing today and how has he become?

Impossible to forget its charm and incredible beauty! Angela Sozio, the beautiful redhead with cheeky curls, former gieffina, has won many hearts. But then she disappeared from the TV…

Angela Sozio GF 2003 Solocine.it

From the beginning, he was successful and talked about a lot, endearing himself to the public at home. She didn’t get the win, this one didn’t, but despite that, she managed to break into the entertainment world. In fact, since entering the most spied house in Italy, he had understood what he was made of, magnificently tough and with a strong and determined character. It was therefore already understood at the time that his name would be recalled even later. And he was, but what happened to him today? What is the woman doing today?

The real star of Big Brother 3

Angela Sozio, already inside the Big Brother house, had stood out for her bubbly likability, her remarkable daring and – obviously – for her radiant and dazzling beauty. From the start, she had stood out by becoming a real character in a short time, therefore a person – practically – impossible to easily forget. But he had also been talked about because of his very brief and intense flirtation with former competitor Fedro Francioni. But then, at the end of the gaming experience, the two said goodbye. After all, they were just too incompatible, as he later recounted…

He is back “to his origins”

Yes, it was the former gieffino himself who later revealed that someone like Angela Sozio, in any other context, outside of television, would never have liked him. With her – essentially – he wouldn’t even have had a coffee! The fact is that after this flirtation and the end of the GF experiment, the beautiful redhead had a flashback with an old historical love, that is, politics. Since the age of 18, the woman has always sympathized with Forza Italia and after participating in the House she returned – so to speak – “to her origins”.

Angela Sozio Solocine.it

“At the time” – as many will no doubt remember – photos emerged showing Angela with Silvio Berlusconi, hand in hand, and also on her knees at Villa Certosa, on the Costa Smeralda. These shots compromised – and not just a little – his television career because he found himself in political scandals galore. She was also directly involved in the legal proceedings.

But then the old gieffina had declared herself as an offended party. In addition, she said she had been invited to Villa Certosa to talk about a political project. But since then, his journey in the vast world of entertainment has come to an end. And what are you doing today? There’s no news of his life and – apparently – he doesn’t even have a social profile.

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