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Andrew Garfield turns 39 | See the Oscar-nominated actor’s BEST and WORST work



Andrew Garfield was destined to be known forever as the failed Spider-Man who couldn’t even complete his story on the big screen. The world really isn’t fair. Or maybe it wasn’t, and it will increasingly be. When he was then revealed as the superhero’s newest performer in the early 2010s, the actor’s enthusiasm for inheriting the role was so infectious that it even made us forget the fact of the unnecessary reboot for a bit. of the franchise just ten years after the original film. Garfield appeared dressed as the character at events and looked like he had a boy’s wish granted. Cut to the result of his two iterations in character, let’s say warm to say the least. This caused the studio to pull the plug before it had a chance to see any remaining ends for a possible third tie-in movie.

Garfield, of course, continued to do a fine job and seemed eager to demonstrate that his talent went beyond “Spider-Man Rejected”. He’s worked with big names in the industry, like Martin Scorsese, and even earned an Oscar nomination. His new peak of popularity is happening right now, and it started with a buzz that he would once again be donning the spider hero uniform. This rumor, as we know today, turned out to be true. Thus, Garfield finally earned his chance at redemption as a character. But not only that, it generated other rumors, ones that he would be given another chance to star in a solo movie as a hero, which would continue and likely end his trajectory in his own way.

On top of that, Garfield continued to ride his new wave of popularity with a second Oscar nomination (for the musical Tick Tick… ​​Boom), garnered accolades for his performance in The Eyes of Tammy Faye (which ultimately gave Jessica Chastain an Oscar), and just released a buzzy thriller miniseries under the Disney/Hulu/Star+ imprint (In the Name of Heaven). Today, Andrew Garfield turns 39 and what we feel is that his career is just beginning. To honor this talented and renewed actor, we have selected through intense research in collaboration with critics and the general public, his best and his worst works. Check it out below.

Hardly does an actor’s first film make it into his top 5 works. It is that at the beginning of their career, most end up accepting small roles in unpopular productions in order to make them “spin the ball”. That wasn’t the case for Andrew Garfield, who has already got off to a good start in this British drama. The actor had already taken part in series and short films, but in his first work in a feature film he soon became the protagonist. Garfield is American, but his mother is British and when he was three he moved with his family to England where he grew up. In this film, based on a book and directed by the same filmmaker as Brooklyn (2015), nominated for the Oscars, the actor plays a young man released from prison after serving time for a crime committed in his childhood.

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Another one that is in the top 5 best Andrew Garfield movies is this drama about the US real estate market. At that time, the actor had already taken on the role of Spider-Man and released his second film as the hero the same year. 99 Casas is one of those hidden gems that are born at film festivals (in this case Venice and Toronto) and must be discovered by everyone. In one of his best and most underrated performances, Garfield plays a young man struggling to keep his home, which is about to be taken from him and his family. The solution found is to go and work precisely for the guy in charge of evicting people who cannot pay their mortgage, role of the great Michael Shannon. Rounding out the cast, Laura Dern plays Garfield’s mother.

Two years after his acclaimed performance in the drama 99 Houses and his retirement from his Spider-Man costume, Andrew Garfield has earned the coveted Best Actor Oscar nomination in this true story war drama. The film marked not only the return of Garfield, but also that of disgraced actor Mel Gibson, who once again proved himself to be a director with his hands full, in this uplifting story of a soldier fighting during the World War II who due to his religious ideology refused to take a gun. Their missions during the conflict essentially consisted of rescuing other soldiers.

It’s definitely the role that landed Andrew Garfield the Spider-Man suit, regardless of the outcome of his foray into Spider-Man. It turns out that while Boy A served the industry and some moviegoers knew the actor, it was still a very small and little-known indie drama. With The Social Network, things have changed. It’s a hugely popular drama directed by local giant David Fincher – whose lineup includes films such as Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This film definitely marked a turning point in the career of the actor, who shone in the role of the Brazilian Eduardo Saverin and, according to many, was aggrieved by not getting an Oscar nomination – unlike the film.

At this point, it’s no secret, let alone spoilers, that yes, Andrew Garfield is in the latest Spider-Man movie, this time in the MCU. The film was the big hit of theaters’ post-covid recovery, and it even fell on HBO Max to be watched on streaming by that minimal percentage who had yet to see the film, or that large portion who will see for the tenth time. It’s ironic to think that the best Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield wasn’t a movie in which the actor starred as the hero, but appeared as a supporting actor for Tom Holland, who now plays the main character in the official Marvel timeline. Either way, Garfield got his chance at redemption in this film, which is by no means the least of his career favorites by critics and audiences alike.

05 | The imaginary world of Dr. Parnassus (2009)

If everyone was talking at the time of the release of Batman: The Dark Knight (2008) about how the late Heath Ledger had died at the age of 28 without having been able to see his posthumous Oscar-winning interpretation completed, this fifth article of ‘Andrew’s Worst Garfield Movies has it all, a strong connection to it all. First, we have to mention that some of the movies on Garfield’s worst list aren’t actually bad, they’re just “less better” than the others. And this is definitely one. Either way, this is the movie Heath Ledger would release after his foray as the villainous Joker in the aforementioned Batman movie. In fact, Ledger was already filming Dr. Parnassus when he died and was unable to complete the film. Thus, three actors were to replace him in the same role: Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. It sounds strange, but it’s not that much, because the film bets on fantasy and surrealism. And Garfield, you ask? I was there, helping with one of his early works on film.

Straight out of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, everyone was eyeing this dramatic, extremely ambitious thriller with high doses of surrealism. It turns out that it was the new work, at the time, of David Robert Mitchell, a young filmmaker who had surprised the world and especially the community of horror lovers with his masterpiece It Follows. Precisely for this reason, everyone was waiting for the next step of the director – who ended up opting not for another horror, but for a super stylish thriller, but whose content is perhaps too original to please a hundred percent. One thing we can say, Garfield’s performance is excellent as a young man trying to solve a big mystery, which begins with the disappearance of a neighbor.

If it were up to this friend talking to you, and writing this article, this movie would probably rank “higher” on the bottom top 5 worst list. Like who knows, switch places with second place. Either way, it just goes to show that the opinions of critics and the general public are respected here, even if we don’t agree with them. The truth is, Garfield’s Spider-Man movies are reemerging as cult items, being reviewed especially by the generation that grew up with them, who together swear they’re not that bad. Well, what I can say is that it still takes me a while to agree with them, because while the first movie is generic and boring, this one is just bad enough to hurt.

Here we have another element that causes disagreement between my personal opinion and that of critics in general and the general public. Lions and Lambs is directed by holy monster Robert Redford, who also stars in this drama. And while it’s not a movie that’s talked about much these days, and it didn’t quite stand the test of time, ending up largely forgotten, I remember watching it when it came out and found it interesting. Of course, since then, many things have changed, and even I have changed a lot. In any case, if my memory serves me correctly, it’s far from being the second worst film of Garfield’s career. In any case, the actor plays a small role here, as a student of ideology discussing politics with his professor Robert Redford. The film also features Tom Cruise as a US senator and Meryl Streep as a reporter interviewing him.

Screened at the Venice Film Festival in 2020, this film remained unreleased in Brazil throughout this period, due to its negative reviews, and arrived in the country directly on the Telecine Play streaming platform. One thing all detractors seem to agree on: protagonist Andrew Garfield’s all-around performance. Written and directed by Gia Coppola, granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola and niece of Sofia Coppola, the film marks the filmmaker’s second job in charge of a feature film. The focus here is on satirical criticism of so-called internet personalities, who care more about tastes than making a difference in the world. The cast also includes Maya Hawke and Alexa Demie (from Euphoria).

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