Analysis of the Epic Finale of “Attack on Titan,” Season 4 Episode 3



Attack on Titan season 4, episode 29 “The Last Chapters (Part One)” After initiating the rumble, Eren slaughters several Marleyans. Armin and his teammates assess the situation and plan. Eren’s rumbling reaches the port, compelling them to act before they could. One of their friends dies, but they escape. Season 4, episode 29 of “Attack on Titan” ends here. Spoilers!

Recap of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Cour 1

Eren entered a Marleyan port city before the rumbling began and examined the locals. He is troubled since he can see the future and will murder everyone there. He momentarily considers eradicating the Eldian race, which would result in fewer fatalities than his planned genocide. He then sees merchants beating a teenage thief in a tight lane.

Even though he knows it’s hypocritical, Eren remembers saving the youngster in the future using his titans’ powers. He does it because he believes the future is set. After saving the kid, Eren breaks down in front of him, realising the gravity of his crime. Eren’s rumbling crushes the same boy today. He destroys much of Marleya, shocking the world.

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Armin and his allies discover Eren’s upcoming movements via Yelena, who they are holding. Kiyomi Azumabito, Annie, Falco, and Gabi will sail to the Hizuru, while the remainder will fly to Fort Salta to collect additional planes. Falco suddenly comes and fires indiscriminately, killing him. His shots harm the gasoline tank but do not hurt anyone. But Armin and his pals’ situation is worsening.

Attack on Titan: Did Hange Die?

Things go wrong after Flock’s bullets pierce the plane carrying Hange and her friends. Reiner then reveals Eren and his titans are approaching. Hange decides to sacrifice in a dire position. She instructs Armin and others not to spend their lives attempting to halt the rumbling while her teammates mend the fuel tank holes.

As Hange’s allies require titans to fight Eren, this makes sense. She convinces Captain Levi not to stop him and selects Armin as the 15th Survey Corps Commander before heading into the titans. Hange bravely defeats several giants. Her teammates had time to mend the plane and fly away. However, her clothing catch fire while battling and progressively burn her entire body as she is in the air utilizing the ODM gear. Hange dies instantly when she realizes death is near.

Is Eren Up for negotiation? Armin’s Eren-stopping strategy?

After boarding the jet, Armin and his allies begin planning their Eren strategy. Levi and Pieck strive to explain Armin the Founding Titan’s physical structure. Pieck doesn’t care where Eren is within the Titan even though the plane’s personnel can only speculate. She says Armin can use the Colossus Titan to demolish the Founding Titan like he did Liberio’s Naval Port. Armin is reluctant to kill his closest buddy and suggests negotiating first.

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Reiner and others confess to murdering so many innocent people, including their colleagues. Reiner claims Eren expects them to stop him. Armin agrees with Reiner but argues more logically. He tells his allies that Eren with the Founding Titan’s abilities can control every titan and Eldian, yet he has never stopped them. They are transferred to an unfamiliar place around the coordinates while debating the problem.

Eren then tells his old buddies that discussions are impossible and he will not halt the rumbling. He also says Armin and others can stop him. Once Eren finishes, his old companions board the plane again. Eldian survivors from Marley ride trains to Fort Salta in hopes of finding planes. Nevertheless, Marleyan troops are using them to quell the rumbling. Marleyan troops drop explosives after flying over the Founding Titan.

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