“An incredible thing has happened”, formalized the protagonist of Mina Settembre



One of the protagonists of Mina Settembre has let his fans know something surprising: the joy of the announcement

The cast of the Rai Uno fiction is a crazy cast, but above all very united: the perfect key to success. One of them, not so long ago, intervened to formalize wonderful news.

The photo of the actors of Mina Settembre 2 during the Rai press conference for the presentation of the new television season (photo ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI).

Mina Settembre is a successful Rai fiction also thanks to the cohesion that exists between the actors. Suffice it to say, Serena Rossi is Christiane Filangieri’s best friend and Davide Devenuto’s girlfriend, Giuseppe Zeno is impossible not to like, and everyone else is the backdrop for a wonderful photo in itself. The cast also includes Giorgio Pasotti, a nationally renowned actor whom we have already seen in other series and films. He, director as well as actor, told his followers on Instagram: “An incredible thing happened: the subscription campaign ended in a few hours”.

What Giorgio Pasotti is referring to are the figures collected by the Teatro Stabile campaign which, driven by the success of Rai fiction, have increased considerably. Among the protagonists also stand out Lino Guanciale, Leo Gullotta, Andrea Delogu, Giampaolo Morelli, Silvio Orlandi and many other faces who make television with great success.

Giorgio Pasotti of Mina Settembre moved: “It had never happened before”

Giorgio Pasotti returns to prime time with Mina Settembre 2 (ANSA)

Giorgio Pasotti did not at all measure the emotion aroused by the excellent results and revealed to his supporters: “It had never happened before. I just want to share this success with the people who have worked with me and love me”. An adventure that he himself described as “splendid” and thanks to all those who made it so.

However, Giorgio Pasotti in Mina Settembre doesn’t have much fun playing the role of Claudio who was dumped by his ex-wife after trying again. Will the two be able to mend their relationship or will Doctor Gambardella’s presence continue to be pressing?

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