“An impassable void”, terrible mourning for Eleonora Daniele: heartbreaking message



“An impassable void”, terrible mourning for Eleonora Daniele: heartbreaking message. The Rai presenter talked about it in an interview

The serenity that today seems to belong to him arrived only in the last period. Yes, because Daniele suffered a devastating loss a long time ago. The autistic brother left suddenly.

Eleonora Daniele (AnsaFoto)

The image that today seems to convey only serenity and positivity hides a very difficult path. Eleonora Daniele has faced life’s darkest hardships over the years. Today, she is happily married to Giulio Tassoni, with the wedding taking place in 2019 after a long engagement. By his side there is also his daughter Carlotta, his true treasure, who gives him the strength to face the present and the future in the best possible way. The past, on the other hand, has a terrible page that cannot be erased. There is talk of the untimely loss of his brother Luigi, who suffers from autism. After his sudden death, the pain was immense and it took a long time to get out of the tunnel. Eleonora also talked about it in a recent interview with Gente.

“I was disillusioned. My brother left suddenly, leaving me with an insurmountable void and many feelings of guilt. You wonder why it happened to him and not to me… It’s not easy to grieve, but to survive, you have to. I do it every day, but I admit that there remains a bit of disenchantment.

Eleonora Daniele, the loss of her brother changed her forever: “An impassable void”

Eleonora Daniele (AnsaFoto)

Since they were little, she and her sisters have taken care of their brother, just like their parents. This only increased his sensitivity towards less fortunate people, as he shows daily in his program “Italian Stories”.

Today he needs to get stronger because he has a girl clinging to his lips.

“I want to be a solid rock, which is not broken by the waves or eroded by the wind”.

Daniele added that she is a very present mother, who likes to follow the affairs of her little girl. This does not take away from the fact that in her way of seeing things, Carlotta should not live under a glass dome but should be able to live her own experiences, walking with her legs.

Finally to the aforementioned magazine, the presenter of Rai added: “He is fast, he learns quickly. He speaks a lot, reads all the letters of the alphabet, goes to kindergarten and already speaks a little English. She is very jealous of my work, if she sees me on the phone she starts raising her voice to try to get my attention”.

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