Amy Adams talks about Henry Cavill’s return as Superman



The actress who played Lois Lane, Amy Adams has spoken about her thoughts on fellow actor Henry Cavill’s return as Superman. Will she also be there by his side?

Amy Adams will land on the Disney Plus streaming platform on November 18 with her Come per Disenchantment, sequel to the hit film Come Di Enchanted released on the big screen 15 years ago alongside illustrious names such as Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden.

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During the premiere of As per Disenchantment at Variety’s microphones, Amy Adams also spoke about Henry Cavill’s return as Superman. He also clarified his position on his possible return to play Lois Lane alongside his colleague.

Superman and Lois Lane

Man of Steel is a 2013 film and is the first chapter of the DC Extended Universe, in which we see Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. The story focuses on the adventures of the superhero with the S stamped on his chest and his great love Lois. With Clark Kent’s alter ego, he monitors what is happening in Metropolis from one article to another, hiding behind his big dark glasses.

We’ve seen a lot of Superman over the years, from the one and only Christopher Reeve to the various characters of today. Director Zack Snyder has always spoken with force and conviction about Cavill, who immediately wanted him, defining him as: “the perfect choice to wear the legendary S of Superman”. For his part, the actor has always felt honored to play the role of superhero. Amy Adams also performed brilliantly alongside Cavill, their chemistry was spot on. Who knows if they will work together again?

Will Amy Adams return with Lois Lane?

Henry Cavill as we said was one of the best Superman played so far, we saw him in several films until the small cameo in which he played the same role in The Rock’s Black Adam . Definitely the opportunity to see them play together again.

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In a recent interview, Amy Adams was immediately excited that her colleague Cavill will return in the next Superman:

“I know, isn’t it great?” I learned it from my husband I think. I’m really happy for him, he’s an incredible Superman and I’m very excited!”

When asked if she too would return to take on the role of Lois, she didn’t go overboard saying specifically:

“No one has contacted me about it. If it’s me again, great. But if they give the role to another actress… I mean, the role of Lois has been played by so many incredible actresses over the years, so I will totally support the choices they make about it and the direction they take the character.”

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