among the wounded Pablo Marì



A man stabs five people in a shopping center – Photo by Ansa Foto

A forty-six-year-old man, Andrea Tombolini, risked a massacre in a shopping center in Assago, Milan. Pablo Marì, Monza’s Spanish defender, was also involved in the event, who was hit by a blow but is not in life-threatening danger.

Inside the Carrefour supermarket, he seized a knife from the exhibitor and without warning started hitting people at random, killing a 30-year-old employee and seriously injuring four others who did not put their lives in danger, including the Serie A footballer, who spent the night in Niguarda hospital, where he was hospitalized after the attack. Tombolini hit him in the back while he was shopping with his wife and son.

The other customers who were affected in the supermarket inside the Milano Fiori shopping center in Assago were also transported in code red to hospital. The persons concerned are from twenty-eight to eighty-one years old and are six.

From footballer to hero: Massimo Tarantino blocks the aggressor and hands him over to the Carabinieri

“He was just screaming,” said Massimo Tarantino, a former Inter player who was present and blocked the assailant by handing him over to the Carabinieri station in Corsico.

Who is Andrea Tombolini, the dagger of Carrfour

Tombolini has hospitalization in psychiatry behind him and a return to the hospital on October 18 for having injured his face and skull, beating himself with his fists.

The forty-six-year-old is now accused of murder and attempted multiple murder, and was questioned at length during the night by Milan prosecutor Paolo Storari who is coordinating the carabinieri’s investigations.

The soldiers of the provincial command of Milan reconstruct the dynamics and exclude that there could be a terrorist matrix at the base of the gesture. It seems more probable the hypothesis that the man acted in the throes of a psychic crisis which suddenly exploded.

Carrefour activates a psychological support service.

“A bitter evening for Lombardy today,” said Region President Attilio Fontana. Senate President Ignazio La Russa calls instead for “greater prevention” to “avoid as much as possible” tragedies like these. Condolences also came from Carrefour and the Municipality of Assago.

Carrefour also announced that a psychological support service has been activated for all those concerned.

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