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Amici 22, bomb of anticipation: two competitors kiss



According to the latest advances from Amici 22, a romantic twist will shock viewers: they both kiss.

The Canale 5 talent show is ready to offer many surprises. Indeed, in the next episode of Amici 22, there will be a kiss between two of the school’s protagonists: they will all be amazed.

Friends 22A kiss upsets the talent show school (Via WebSource)

Also today the weekly appointment returns with the advances of Amici 22, coming directly from the recordings in the Roman studios of the show directed by Maria De Filippi. The Amici News portal took charge of revealing the advances, which revealed to viewers what they will see in the next special episode of the talent, broadcast on Canale 5 next Sunday, October 23. For the moment regarding this episode we know that the special musical guest will be the former student Alex, finalist of the last edition. In addition, Nek will also be present in the studio.

As for the cover race, Aaron will win again, with his reinterpretation of Can’t take my eyes off you. While the new contest will be conquered by Piccolo G, who will finally be able to have his song produced as a prize. Subsequently Eleonora Abbagnato will judge the dance competition won by Maddalena, Samuel and Ramon who will obtain an 8. The last in the ranking, for the rest, will be Mattia and Asia. But a kiss will also be seen during Saturday’s episode.

Amici 22, a kiss will shock the public: the two protagonists

Friends 22Check out a twist in the talent show (Via WebSource)

The tender moment that everyone is waiting for is a tender kiss between two competitors. Indeed, a passionate kiss between Mattia Zenzola and Maddalena leaked on Twitter. In addition, for several days viewers had noticed in Daytime a rapprochement between the two which seemed to them more and more suspicious. At first, the two performed a particularly sensual Latin couple choreography. At the end of the performance the two students would have indulged in a passionate kiss.

Amici News thought about it, according to which Mattia and Megan actually participated in the Latin exhibition, giving each other a purely “scenic” kiss. Immediately after, Maria De Filippi would have thought of it, commenting on the whole thing with a: “and that here?”, showing the dancer a clip where he and Maddalena kissed “for real”. The production has therefore confirmed a new couple after the one formed by Niveo and Rita.

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