Amazon, what madness: 15 euros as a gift for all customers



Another huge promotion for the Amazon e-commerce portal, with up to 15 euros that will be offered these days for your purchases

Black Friday is getting closer, but in the meantime promotions, discounts and incredible offers are already starting on the various e-commerce sites and in the most important stores in the country.

Another must-have offer from Amazon (web source)

For example, the giant Amazon began this week to offer various articles of all kinds so as not to unleash customers just in view of the long-awaited Friday, November 25, the cheapest day of the year.

The latest news from Amazon is sensational. In fact, the famous online shopping site is literally offering 15 euros free to all users. A real good that already appeals to regulars shopping on the site founded by Jeff Bezos.

How to get the 15 euro Amazon voucher: it takes very little!

Getting the promotion of 15 euros to spend on Amazon is really very simple. The only prerogative required for this offer is to have used the Amazon Photos service at least once, that is, the function that allows you to save images from your mobile devices to the cloud. Gift of 15 euros by Amazon (web source)

To participate, you must press the following LINK, where you will be told whether or not you are eligible to receive the gift; you will therefore be asked to download the Amazon Photos application and use it by posting at least one of your images. Thereafter, within 7 working days, you will receive by email a promotional code which will allow you to benefit from a discount of 15 euros to spend as you see fit on the entire Amazon catalog.

Note that it will only be usable on products sold and shipped by the company, not on digital content or marketplaces, not even on children’s and baby items. So there are some small limitations, but the offer is really not to be missed.

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