Amazon breaks down the competition: exaggerated discounts on these devices



Amazon Grand Strategy: Global e-commerce giant launches high-level propositions for customers

Amazon wants to get a scorched earth when it comes to competing with other department stores and hypermarkets that focus on home appliances. A winning and productive strategy is the one imagined by the e-commerce giant.

The Amazon logo (photo Ansa)

These days, Unieuro, a well-known nationwide electronics brand, has launched several great offers and promotions to bring together customers and consumers of all ages and needs.

But Amazon is ready to counter the rise of Unieuro. The multinational of Jeff Bezos, which is used worldwide for the convenience of purchases and deliveries, has launched with similarly exaggerated offers, always concerning the world of household appliances and household products.

Amazon outperforms Unieuro again: Competitive prices for household goods and appliances

In addition to the usual discount codes, which can also be found on the Internet, especially on Telegram, Amazon is launching several really excellent promotions for all Italian customers. Amazon parcel (via web source)

Several products have been on sale for a few weeks. It should be remembered that the promotions are valid especially for those who are domiciled in Italy and those who have subscribed to Amazon Prime, or the service that allows you to save on deliveries and shipping times.

Here are the products that these days are available on Amazon at bargain prices:

Xavax – Countdown Kitchen Timer With Large Digital Display – PRICE: €4.40 Cm – PRICE: 22.90 euros instead of 45 euros – LINK.Quick Classic Dishwasher Tablets, Megapack 224 Washes – PRICE: 19 euros – LINK.Kimbo Aroma Italiano Deciso Ground Coffee – Pack of 4 Sachets of 250 Gr (1000 g) – PRICE: 7.79 euros – LINK.Chromecast with Google TV (HD) Bianco Ghiaccio – TV streaming entertainment with remote control and voice search – Watch movies, Netflix, DAZN and more – Easy to install – PRICE : 39 euros – LINK Lowenbrau Oktoberfest, Beer Bottle – Pack of 20x50cl – PRICE: 28 euros instead of 31 euros – LINK UGEE S640 Graphic Tablet 6.3 × 4 Inches of Active Area, Graphic Table with 10 Quick Choices, Battery-Free Stylus with 8192 Pressure Levels – CODE: MBCQ3A8C – PRICE: 15 euros instead of 30 euros – LINK. previousGrain, Moscow joins the agreement: maritime traffic resumes on Thursday

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