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Today we have an incredible variety of streams. And while most agree (if not hope) that such platforms will never replace movie theaters, their advent is undeniable, and the “threat” is essential. With big productions arriving weekly on each of nearly a dozen platforms, big artists migrating to such media, offerings like HBO Max (which simultaneously showcases Warner’s biggest movies), The Pandemic and the With the realization that adult stories are increasingly focused on the serial format (leaving cinemas to young people), it is indisputable that cinema as we know it will have to restructure a lot in order to survive.

Now the war seems to have shifted from the biggest studios and biggest box office movies to the biggest streaming channels. In this contest, we recently released Disney + and HBO Max, two real colossi who arrived with their foot in the door. Hulu also stands out in the United States, while in Brazil we have Globo (Globo Play) and Telecine (Telecine Play) streaming – the second benchmark for quality movies and news. However, being a pioneer matters a lot. And in that regard, Netflix will always have the edge. On the other hand, right next to the leader is Amazon, which recently celebrated 200 million subscribers and continues to surprise with its original forays. One of the most discussed was the purchase of the MGM studio and its colossal film library – which includes some of the most famous movie franchises, such as 007 and Rocky, for example.

With that in mind, while Amazon won’t make MGM come back to rivers of cash for this, we still have a few tips from the internal movies, which were released on the platform a short time ago. Not to mention the fuss that Amazon made to its rival, after Netflix again increased its subscription values. And which side of this war are you on. Don’t forget to comment below.

Shock: Fatal Fury

We started the list of tips with a great idea for fans of the beautiful Kate Beckinsale, the Angels of the Night franchise or for fans of very girlpower action thrillers. The latest version of the platform is precisely Jolt, a film in which Beckinsale plays a highly trained security guard who uses an electroshock vest to control himself when his murderous impulses reach very high levels. However, she will let all of her fury escape as she pursues the assassins of the only man she has ever loved. Beckinsale proves that she is as beautiful as a tight leather bodice (vampire Selene style), with her blonde hair, lots of pop roses on the poster, and a more laid back look.

The war of tomorrow

In July, we had some great releases on Amazon, such as Jolt’s recent debut, however, the platform’s biggest release for this mid-year is The War of Tomorrow. The project has long raised expectations, and the project stars one of the biggest stars of our time: Chris Pratt – protagonist of two of today’s biggest franchises, Guardians of the Galaxy (from Marvel) and Jurassic. World – okay for you? Both will soon release new copies. Here, giving Amazon a boost, Pratt stars in action-packed science fiction. In the plot, Pratt is drafted into a future war against an alien race, and the fate of humanity depends on the outcome of this conflict. Produced by Paramount, due to the pandemic, the film was sold to Amazon for a trifle of $ 200 million. In other words, I change the chip.

Land of dreams: dreams and illusions

Enjoy watching:

There is no doubt that Margot Robbie, aka Arlequina, is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars today. But even that doesn’t prevent him from having lesser-known productions on his CV. What happens is that generally great talents want to extend their dramatic reach and for that there is nothing better than small works, more focused on real human situations. So, at the height of his fame, the same year Robbie released the most hypadoes Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Scandal (which earned him his second Oscar nomination), this interesting production went unnoticed. , now reaching Brazil direct through Amazon. The plot, centered on the era of the Great Depression in the USA (1929), shows a desperate young woman who became a bank robber in order to survive. Injured after an assault, she takes refuge and ends up meeting a boy who lodges her. Torn between his handing over to the authorities and the collection of the reward, he finds himself seduced and fond of the “nice criminal”. After all, it’s Margot Robbie. Who doesn’t?

Another very hot production recently taken out of the oven. This 2021 horror hinges on the presence of one of the most talented and perhaps underrated actors of his generation: British mezzo, New Zealand mezzo Guy Pearce. Investing in an unprecedented role in his career, Pearce plays an exorcist priest in this supernatural terror. He, a veteran priest, must train a new priest on his first day of work. Both will face evil threats on Earth. Think of the film as a kind of training day (2001), moving from the police office to the priest.

Latest from Yuba County

In the mood for comedy? We have it on Amazon. And an equally fresh one, launched this year 2021. And reputation and prestige are not lacking here. Starting with the protagonist, Oscar winner Allison Janney (Me, Tonya), who lives like a woman abandoned by her husband, earns her fifteen minutes of fame when she makes headlines and decides to head to the county. of Yuba to find him. In the cast, Mila Kunis plays the protagonist’s sister, a journalist behind the story; Awkwafina, a suspected criminal; and Regina Hall, a policewoman. But it doesn’t end there, with veterans Matthew Modine, Ellen Barkin and Juliette Lewis. Staging is by Oscar nominated Tate Taylor of Histories Cruzadas.

Looking for romance? We have it on Amazon. Brand new production, here we have a love story with two very promising young names from Hollywood. With hit tunes like A Culpa é das Estrelas (2014) and Tudo por Amor (1991), that kind of heart-aching movie that makes eyes sweat, guaranteeing an entire box of tissues. Jaden Smith (child of Will Smith) and Cara Delevingne (model turned actress and jester on duty) embody the passionate couple Daryn and Isabelle. When the girl (who does a real hair color parade in the film – pink, blue, etc.) discovers a terminal illness, which only guarantees her one year to live, the boy decides to give her ” a lifetime ‘year. Oh yes, of course proud dads Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are behind the production, funding the acting son’s work.

Fancy some prestigious drama broadcast at the Berlin Film Festival (one of the most important in the world)? At Amazon, we have it. How about spicing it up, two generations of very popular actors on the bill? In this hallucinogenic work by director Sally Potter, Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem plays Leo, who travels through New York with his daughter (played by the talented Elle Fanning). The film surrealistically chronicles the alternate lives Leo might have had had his choices been different, leaving his daughter Molly (Fanning) adrift to struggle with her own choices and paths as she contemplates her future. Salma Hayek and Laura Linney round out the main cast.

To close the list of tips, nothing better than going back to one of the genres we love the most and we know you love them too: suspense. Allison Williams, from the hit Run! (Oscar nominated), the HBO Girls series (2012-2017) and the thriller The Perfection (Netflix). Sold as the new production by the creators of the genre’s hits, see Rua Cloverfield, 10 (2016) and Águas Rasas (2016), the plot here is simple, but very effective and extremely identifiable – since the more banal the suspense, the more the more believable the idea becomes. Williams plays a woman who, along with her boyfriend, hires a small plane to take them to an island for a wedding. On the plane, just her, her partner and the pilot (veteran Keith David). The twist is that the pilot had a heart attack mid-flight, and now the lovebirds have to turn around to land the vehicle. Freeze anyone’s spine.

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