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All You Need To Know About Oliver Bonas Store UK



Oliver Bonas

Are you one of those millennial shoppers in the UK who has gotten tired of online shopping and want a store that has all the coolest and all-time trendy cute stuff? Well, the Oliver Bonas store Uk is your destination then! 

In this article, we are going to fill you in on all the details about the Olvar Bonas store and how it has garnered its deserved reputation as the store brand you can trust down the street! 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it. 

Where Is Oliver Bonas’ UK Store & Its Purpose? 

Olivar Bonas is a business name that continues to expand amidst falling business ventures in clothing and home decoration as it garners the deserved loyal base of customers. Olivar Bonas is an “everything trendy and affordable” high street store based in the UK with a whopping 42 stores all around England, UK. 

The first store of Olivar Bonas was launched as a trial venture back in 1993 at Fulham Road in the city of London. It was started by Oliver Tress, a then young and passionate British boy who made an idea turn into his reality. The idea was that since Oliver Tress’s parents at the time resided in HongKong, so whenever Tress got the chance he would explore his knack for exploring the HongKong fashion and bring over his unique and trendy jewelry, decoration and clothing finds for his friends back home in the UK. 

This was the beginning of Oliver Tress’s passion to open a high-street store in London, Uk that is unique and captures all class’s likes and affordability ratios. This is where the store gained fame as Oliver Tress’ shop became one of those treasure shops which contain everything you always wanted to find! From Flamingo print summer dresses to stripey clothing to a tropical candle that makes you feel like you are in the Bahamas or in a Greek countryside! 

Olivar Bonas is a shop that has truly made people fall in love with purchasing art deco jewellery, dresses that feel like characters and home decor that make them love their spaces. What’s truly remarkable is that in these times when online shopping has become an alternative for people with physical stores that you can explore vanish slowly, OIivar Bonas store Uk is the store you need to explore if you are one of those who would once in a while love to have the feel of a perfect aesthetic store that is also affordable to shop at! No matter whether you are a student or a working adult or a soon-to-be mom, you can always find something in the OB store right away as you start to explore the store.

How Did The Name Oliver Bonas Store Come About? 

Well, you must have noticed that with such a high one-of-a-kind street store like Oliver Bonas, it’s interesting to explore its history and how it came about as it gives the shop an image of authenticity. Well, Olivar Bonas is a name that came about at the time when Olivar Tress was with his ex-partner namely, Anna Bonas. Anna Bonas is also the cousin of the famed Prince Harry’s long-time 

ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas and so Oliver Tress decided to merge the name and so the brand name was developed as Olivar Bonas! 

Olivar Tress never had to change the brand name even after his relationship with Anna Bonas ended as the ex-girlfriend allowed him to still use it as a mark of memory and mutual decision. 

The First High Street Store To Pay Living Wage: Olivar Bonas 

Since the store first launched in 1993, it started off as Olivar Tress selling personal collections that he hand-picked from around the world for his customers to buy who perhaps harbor a love for buying stuff from around the world but can’t travel. The store then gained its loyal base of customers from all over the UK as the store always focused on being under budget for everyone who decides to step in and love the trendy and unique pieces of jewelry, Olivar Bonas clothing collections or home decor! 

This was the customer’s demand and compelled the OB store to spread around England so that it became reachable for all the more people who heard about the Olivar Bonas store and frequently wanted to wear the OB fashion style or decorate their spaces. 

With such a boom in his business store, Olivar Tress realized that now he could design and launch the collections with his adventurous and curiously trendy touch that Britishers loved. Hence, Olivar Bonas with his design team decided to create a personal design and the customers only loved everything in the store all the more. 

With this, the store expanded to 42 stores all over the British land, it has thousands of staff workers who cater to all customers that they have become familiar with. So, the Olivar Bonas store achieved a milestone by being the first high street store to pay a living wage to its hard-working workers. 

Olivar Tress also stated, “the most exciting thing we have done as a business” which proves how warm the environment and kind the Olivar Bonas store is for not only its customers but workers alike. The reaction to this warm announcement by the store also built a trust level in the

OB customers amidst the increasing number of trendy stores that are found guilty of exploiting workers and paying below living wage

This definitely puts an image of authenticity to the OB store and shows their dedication towards keeping the brand a warm space. 

Last Word 

Olivar Bonas is expected to only grow more as it launches its store in the Big Apple i.e. New York, USA. OB is the store you wish to find as you explore around as it’s one of those gift shops that has all the good stuff from scented candles to jewelry that makes a statement. 

As one of the Olivar Bonas customers describes it famously, “like discovering a really good find in the flea market or a vintage shop, but nicer and without the hassle.”

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