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All About The Leading News Outlet: The Times Of Oman



Times Of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman, known for its surrounding water bodies situated at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and towering peaks with its traditional Arabian scenes is a flourishing country. It’s natural to be curious about which news channel is its national newscaster! Hence why, we are going to fill you in on the Time of Oman. 

When did the Times of Oman begin and why is it considered an authentic credible newspaper publishing in Oman? Well, we are going to answer all that and more! 

Let’s dive right into it! 

What Is The Times Of Oman & Its Purpose? 

The Times of Oman is the top-notch newspaper publishing organization of the Gulf country of Oman! It was first established as the main leading publishing newspaper of Oman in the year, 1975. As the Sultanate of Oman came into being in 1970 officially and onwards with a constitution, hence, it’s natural that the country needed a national portal of newspaper organization that can reach and represent the sultanate in its true sense! So, the Times of Oman was established soon enough after the sultanate’s establishment and till now is the source of its resident’s news service and the advancing Arab world. 

Now you must be curious if the Times of Oman being the national news agency of Oman only publishes in the Arabic language. Well, we’ll like to inform you that it’s the first news service in Oman that has been published in the English language since it began. Hence, the Times of Oman is not only a strong Arab world news agency inside Oman but also has a firm global reach. 

It was first started in the news field of weekly tabloid news and its publisher was the renowned Pakistani Journalist, Rana N. Parveze who began publishing by its official name, Times of Oman with the publishing medium of Muscat Media Group. However, it’s true founder is Essa bin Muhammad Zedjali. 

The purpose of establishing an English-language news publishing service as Oman’s top news service was foremost to provide an authentic and global view of Oman to the world. The reason behind this was to invite a skilled non-Omani force to the Sultanate that needed professionals and skilled workers as well as a strong invitation to the Western superpowers to represent the flourishing Arab treasure trove.

What Are The Times Of Oman’s Main News Topics? 

The Times of Oman publishes all the major life topics as well as the latest news of every day concerning Oman and Global news. It cover’s the major top-tier news topics like the everyday local Oman news incidents, it vasty covers the internal and external Oman news relating to the top news topics for the day as well as the business and sports field news! 

Apart from these major news topics, the Times of Oman also publishes more niches and industries like the health, beauty, and fitness industries at both regional and international levels. As the Times of Oman has become a national news reporting service of the Sultanate of Oman it has an established source audience spanning from within the regional audience of the true Omanis and outside from the world. 

Apart from that, the news agency invites readers of entertainment niches like the trending movies in the country and the Arab world as well as the significant other industries of entertainment like Hollywood and Bollywood. The Times of Oman is still sourced by the publishing house of Oman and also publishes various other renowned Omani news names. 

The Main Platforms Of Times Of Oman 

The Times Of Oman’s leading platforms are the newspapers and online news websites! The agency is traditionally known for its weekly newspapers as they publish 6 days a week i.e. from Saturday to Thursday. The newspaper is read by many as it features 3 sections with each focused on news, sports and entertainment, and numerous other topics for daily news. 

The Times of Oman’s official website is now an app both on Android and Apple stores on mobile/ tablet or PC. The site also generates a lot of traffic from habitual readers of the trending news outlet of the country and the name of the Gulf region which has created a pathway for people from all over the world to connect to Oman and for its nationals to connect with the world!

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