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All About The Electric Toothbrush Charger: How To Use



Electric Toothbrush Charger

What are electric toothbrush chargers? How do they work to provide charging to your electric toothbrush? Well, we have got all the answers you want in this article! 

In current times when machines have become our daily tools to help and free us from effortful duties, there is a machine to clean your teeth the best way. It’s the electric toothbrush, as its brush automatically cleans and rubs on the nooks and crannies of your teeth sides that you might miss when you brush your teeth by hand. However, it’s a machine at the end of the day and will need charging to get its battery charged to perform again whenever you need it! 

Most people know about this magical toothbrush but not about the electric toothbrush charger, which is a necessary item without which an electric toothbrush won’t work as it’s an electric item that needs charging to save energy for cleaning when you want to use it. 

So, without further ado, let us explain the electric toothbrush charger and all your related questions below! 

What Is An Electric Toothbrush Charger? 

An electric toothbrush charger is a charging machine for the electric toothbrush. It’s an essential item as when the toothbrush’s charging goes down; you can charge it back up with power provided by its matching charger. 

Just like our phones work when charged and come with matching chargers, an electric toothbrush charger is part of the toothbrush. The electric toothbrush charger is a type of induction charger which means that it will induct energy and will provide wireless charging to your electric toothbrush. This induction is done by transmitting power energy with the help of magnetic field power that connects the charger and the toothbrush’s machine. 

This is made possible because of the 2 magnetic coils in the units; one coil is inside the electric toothbrush charger’s base to transmit power to the second coil, which is in the toothbrush’s base! 

As an electric toothbrush is a small device in your bathroom, it is built to be safer with a wireless charger that charges as you place it on its charging spot. The wireless quality of the electric toothbrush charger makes it safe and reliable for long-term trust and use.

It’s necessary to keep your toothbrush on the charging spot of your electric toothbrush charger, as both coils must be close to getting the magnetic power charge. Also, for convenience, you must place it on charging after use so that you can handily use it without worrying about your toothbrush’s battery charge. 

How Does The Electric Toothbrush Charge Wirelessly? 

First Coil 

The first primary coil is inside the base of your electric toothbrush’s charger. It is covered with a plastic covering for optimum protection, allowing the coil to transfer energy to the toothbrush. This first coil in the charger uses its magnetic field to transfer the energy to the second coil. This way, you don’t need to guess whether your toothbrush is getting charged when it is set on the charging device. 

Second Coil 

The second coil is built to receive the electrical current sent from the primary coil in the charger’s base. This coil is designed to link with the first one with the help of their magnetic power connection. This makes it possible for the electrical toothbrush charger to charge the toothbrush wirelessly. 

This secondary coil completes the charging process as it’s designed inside the base of your electric toothbrush, hence why the base is designed to be flat with a surface so that it can stand and the coil remains intact inside it! 

How To Ensure The Electric Toothbrush Charger Is Charging? 

If you are using the electric toothbrush for the first time or are confused about how to ensure this wireless charging is being done, stop worrying! We are going to whoosh away all your valid curious questions. 

● Electric Point (Socket)

As with any charger, no matter how small and handy, the electric toothbrush charger also requires an electrical outlet to connect to. The electric outlet is designed inside all bathrooms to easily find and connect your bathroom-friendly devices like the electric toothbrush! You can use any nearby electric outlet to keep it on charge for your next use. 

To ensure that the charger is safely charging the brush device is to ensure twice that the charger is tightly plugged into the socket. In this way, there will be no chance of the charger not charging as it will receive and send the right amount of power to charge up the battery! 

● Plug Pins 

It is common to receive 2-pin plug chargers in parts of the world like the United Kingdom. However, it can vary. It largely depends on the company of your electric toothbrush charger. 

If they are from a country where 3-pin plugs are preferred, you can also have a 3-pin charger. You don’t need to worry if your electric toothbrush charger has 2 or 3-pin plugs different from your electric socket pin holes, as it’s quite common in countries to have a majority of 2-pin holes in the outlet or 3-pin holes depending on the local preference. 

In this case, you can handily buy and use your required pin adaptor, a portable device designed to plug into an electric outlet. You can find it easily in any nearby market as it’s commonly used worldwide. 

This way, you can easily plug in your electric toothbrush charger, whether it has 2-pin or 3-pin plugs! 

● Indicator Light 

Some electric toothbrush chargers have an indicator light that turns on while charging. This is to ensure that you can easily find out whether the charger is charging perfectly at any given time. If the charger is not plugged in correctly or has been inappropriately plugged in a hurry, then this indicator light will confirm it’s perfectly receiving power. 

However, some electric toothbrush chargers might not have this indicator light design; thus, you will need to ensure by plugging it in correctly and placing the toothbrush on the charger correctly. 

It depends on the company of electric toothbrushes you have that might have or not have this design.

How To Charge an Electric Toothbrush Without a Charger? 

Your electric toothbrush is a must-have item that you need twice a day for healthy oral care. However, what if you don’t have the charger and the toothbrush is not charged? 

There are numerous reasons why you might need an answer to this. Whether you have lost your electric toothbrush charge, forgot it at home while traveling, or don’t have it, you can also charge it without the charger! 

● AA Batteries 

One of the go-to methods to perform if you don’t have an electric toothbrush charger is to place the AA batteries inside the machine. In this case, you will place it after removing the covering of your toothbrush where your batteries can be inserted. 

After removing them, you need to accurately place the AA batteries with the care that the positive and negative marks are placed correctly. Then you can close back the toothbrush cover and turn it on. The AA batteries have enough power to run for a sufficient time before they finish so you can use them without the electric toothbrush charger! 

● USB Plug-In 

The simpler method is to charge your electric toothbrush through the USB plug-in option. For this charging option, you will need a device with a USB port, like a laptop or computer, which commonly has this port. 

Now, most electric toothbrushes come with a USB plug to give you options. You can connect the toothbrush using the USB plug wire by plugging in the wire in the USB port of the device you have accessible with the option. 

There will be a difference in the time and power your electric toothbrush will receive compared to when it’s getting its power from the electric toothbrush charger plugged into a high-voltage AC outlet! 

However, in the case of not having a charger, connecting through the USB wire and getting the power indirectly from your device will also ensure your toothbrush runs for your next toothbrush session!

Last Word 

Electric toothbrush chargers are essential to using electric toothbrushes for better oral hygiene. It is a small portable device that can be easily carried anywhere and plugged into any nearby electric outlet to keep your toothbrush powered! 

We hope the information above was enough to tell you about the electric toothbrush charger!

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