All About Celina Smith: Rising Teen Star



With numerous young stars on their way to achieve stardom, it’s no wonder that only a handful achieve success and recognition they yearn for. Today we are going to tell you about one such emerging teen star that has already set her record for the top projects. This embezzling teen actress is Celina Smith and she has only started her journey in Hollywood yet Celina Smith has proved her worth by her acting in the roles she acted. 

So, without further ado, let us inform you about all that you need to know about Celina Smith, a girl with dreams and passion to move forward in the world of acting. 

Who Is Celina Smith The Young Actress? 

Celina Smith is a young aspiring actress who was born in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, and since then all she has known is her passion for the screen and stage life. Celina smith began her journey of acting merely at the age of 7 years old which is quite young considering the competition in the acting world since the 2010’s. 

However, as she grew up by the age of 7 years old, Smith as well as her parents have come upon this realization that Celina has a spark for acting and performance. Upon this realization her parents supported their daughter’s budding talents she always inclined towards. 

Celina Smith began her journey by first seizing the chance to perform and showcase her singing talent in front of an audience live at AGI entertainment camp where people gather to enjoy and relish in others entertaining talents. This was the confidence Celina smith needed as she ventured onto the live musical of The Lion King where Celina smith played the role of the young Nala. The roles she took on defined her further career in the entertainment world as the young girl not only proved to be skilled at acting with her expressions on point but also skilled at singing and dancing which shaped her for the fun musicals and performances. 

However, apart from Celina smith playing for The Lion King, she was at once noticed by other producers and agencies among other young aspirants for more acting roles. Celina Smith proved her charm for acting by then playing a role in Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan show, which was a comedy genre and along with other young budding stars, Celina Smith was also chosen. 

Celina Smith then again went on to play the role of “Annie” which proved to be her breakthrough as a kid actor. Celina Smith achieved this role at the age of 13 years and she outran the other potential stars who could have got the role in the live remake. On acting the role of Annie,

Celina Smith herself stated, “It’s an honor to follow in the footsteps of the talented young ladies who have played Annie before me and I can’t wait to start this journey,” 

The character of Annie that Celina Smith is playing now as a young girl was before played by stars like Alicia Morton and Sarah Jessica Parker who similarly like Celina got their big start through the Annie Live show. The show Celina smith is acting for is a character of Annie which is from the popular comic series called, “Little Orphan Annie”. 

Celina Smith Interview 

Since gaining recognition and stardom, Celina Smith has been interviewed by the Paparazzi and different magazines to get to know her perspective on her journey and some more details about the child star. 

Celina Smith has gladly given the interviews with confidence and character that truly describes her energy towards newfound stardom and opportunities in the world of acting. She discussed her view on working in the industry as a kid and overall experience and aspirations with the Young Entertainment magazine. 

She discussed with the magazine how she finds her inspiration from some successful actors whose journeys similarly like Celina Smith led them towards a top acting career. Celina Smith while talking with the Young Entertainment Magazine stated how she wants her favorite actor Marsai Martin to be proud of her some day for the way she wants to keep her favorite actor’s legacy alive through her acting. 

Celina Smith stated, “I love Viola Davis, and Angela Bassett and Marsai Martin because they have all accomplished so many things and they’re such great actresses”. Smith also said discussing her dreams to accomplish an acting name just like that of her favorite actors and actresses. Smith said, “I love what Marsai did with Little. I hope that I can make them proud and meet Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Bassett one day!” 

Celina Smith Singing Talent 

Celina Smith has also loved singing since she started her pathway to stardom, as proven by her singing performances in the live action shows she has done as a child actress. Celina Smith has a distinct look to her with her animated expressions and full of zeal energy that has been recognised by other casting figures in the industry.

Upon asking who Celina Smith’s favorite singer is, she mentioned her love for Billie Eilish as a singer she loves and is inspired by. Celina Smith has proved her love for Billie Eilish by performing a cover on one of her songs called “My Future” on her youtube channel. 

Celina Smith has all of her singing covers as well on her own Youtube channel where all her fans and kids can listen to her and follow her. 

Last Word 

Celina Smith is already a rising star at such a young age as she has achieved what many aspiring children who want to act don’t get in the industry as fast as Celina Smith has. 

With her multi talents including acting, singing and performing live, she has only a short time before she becomes a global star if she spends more time in the acting industry.

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